This movie showed me the true meaning of friendship.

The second definition states a friend as an ally, supporter, or sympathizer.

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My personal definition of "friendship" is a feeling or emotion expressed in such a way that another feels wanted and important, a relationship between a person or persons where everyone has some companion to talk to when their in need of one....

There is no real definition of friendship, because there’s no one way you can define it.

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I know that I can have one good friend that I can go through life with. Personal I think friendship is that most important thing to me. I can tell my friends ever secret I have. Friendship is a fine gift out of the many that life can bring. Friendship can be a commitment. I have more then one or two real, true friends, with that I feel blessed. A real friend will listen and offer advice during hard times. I believe nothing can replace a true friend, not money, cars, problems, and definitely not boys. I know that my friends support me in basically every decision I make.

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Definition of Friendship Essay - 499 Words

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Friends can also give you a lot of helpful tips because friends are honest when you do or say something wrong and do not tell you that was good just to make you happy. They help you to improve yourself in every way. Most of all friends forgive you. I can do everything wrong but my friends sill stand next to me and are will to give me that second chance. The definition of a friend is a person whom one knows, likes, and trust.