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Chausseestrasse,Invalidenstrasse,and Oberbaumbrücke were for West Berliners only.

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But tangible achievements and public accolades are not the only measure of a man. Inthe Jewish tradition in which Bernstein lived, there is no material afterlife. Rather, thedeceased endure by residing in the memories of those who survive. In that sense, LeonardBernstein is immortal. When he died, millions throughout the world felt a profound andirreplaceable loss. His influence abides in each of them.

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The RCA series is completed by Gershwin's , a Bernstein signature piece, Stravinsky's and , both with members of the Boston Symphony, Milhaud's and Copland's ballet. The last, in atypically decent sound, is the gem of theseries, brilliantly evoking the gutsy leanness of Copland's idealization of the mythicAmerican West of the pioneers.

Once informed of the rebellion, he hurried, as instructed, to the SD headquarters in Berlin.

That all changed on the afternoon of Sunday, November 14, 1943, as Bruno Walter wasabout to complete a two-week guest stint. Walter had been the protege of none other thanGustav Mahler, the greatest conductor of his time, who had spent the last two years of hislife as music director of the New York Philharmonic. As the inheritor of that mantle,Walter had come to represent the very embodiment of Viennese musical tradition. Hispopularity and reputation were such that Bernstein had brought his parents to New York towitness what promised to be a great event and the highlight of the season.

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Reacting to the news, composer Ned Rorem dismissed the cliché that theperpetually-youthful Bernstein was too young to die: "Lenny led four lives in one, sohe was not 72 but 288." Indeed, while America has produced many great pianists,composers, conductors and teachers, Leonard Bernstein combined these talents to anunprecedented degree.

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They often had good films on those,and the Communist news was quite good for a laugh!
As the Cold War eventually petered out,the Allied forces began to lose interest in Berlin.

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Summary: I was in Berlin the weekend the Berlin Wall was torn down. This is the only written personal account of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

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The violinist Midori likened Bernstein's legacy to a garden filled with "seedscreated by his energy, planted by his love, still waiting to bloom." PerhapsBernstein's greatest testament is yet to be fully felt as new generations of musicians,charged with the ecstasy of Bernstein's passionate commitment, ensure the vitality ofclassical music in the future.

The Berlin wall was built in 1961

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Kaltenbrunner knew Skorzeny from their pre-war years in Vienna, and he must have remembered how Skorzeny, the Nazi engineer, demonstrated unusually good political judgement, and leadership, in saving the Austrian president from his trigger-happy SS fellows on that night in 1938.