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In some countries, anabstinence-only approach is practiced in sex education, meaning, itis taught to students that abstinence from sex (not having sex atall) is the only way to avoid an early and/or unwanted pregnancy. Itis important to note, however, that such methods of sex educationhave not been proved to be effective. This is most likely the causeof unwillingness in young people to abstain from sex. Perhaps in youressay, you may wish to highlight the importance of taking propercontraceptive measures over simply not having sex. But if you agreewith this viewpoint, make sure to make that very clear in yourteenage pregnancy essay introduction.

A short essay on Teens and Sexual Behavior Statistics ..

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The second half of the assignment will include the Applications piece which uses the Analysis piece as its foundation. This portion of the paper will include recommendations that could be used to address and improve the situation (e.g., what needs to happen in the future) analyzed in the first portion of the paper. Application requires the development of ideas based on the writings of published experts reviewed in the first portion of the paper (with proper citation, of course). First, you analyzed an issue and now you will demonstrate the ability to apply what you have learned and suggest possible solutions and/or future research or programs. For example, if the Analysis portion of your paper focused on attachment issues that adopted children may face, the Application portion of your paper should discuss ways that the Social Services system, adoptive parents, and therapists can both prevent and treat such attachment issues. Another example: discuss the issues that adolescents face as they reach puberty and begin to develop sexually (analysis portion). Discuss issues related to STD’s, teen pregnancy, and the emotional implications of becoming sexually active as a teen. For the Application portion, discuss what types of programs you feel could be helpful in educating teens about the risks of sexual behavior. How can schools and parents reach kids before they become sexually active?

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Shame and blame is not an effective way to change teen behavior. The overbearing tactic is effective in getting teenagers to continue the questionable behavior. Teenagers feel that if they are repeatedly subjected to this kind reprimand, they will distance themselves from the discipliner and escalate the behavior in order to “stick it to the man.” A more effective method would be to sit down with the teen and discuss the behaviors in an open and comfortable setting. The reasons why the behavior is bad and expressing concern for the negative consequences should be illustrated in a tone that is caring and sympathetic not stern or cold. Relating past experiences of the discipliner in relation to the behaviors can show the teen that he or she understands what the teen’s situation is like and forms a connection between the too. Above all else, having anopen and healthy relationship is the best way to foster constructive criticism of behavior.

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Depending on the main content ofyour essay, you may choose to start with a brief overview of one ormore of the causes that contribute to teenage pregnancy.

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A lesser acknowledged cause ofteenage pregnancy is sexual abuse, or rape. Your teenage pregnancyessay introduction may also be based on this, with a morein-depth analysis to follow.

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If you are planning to write anessay about one or more of the effects of teenage pregnancy, it maybe helpful to start with an overview of one of the following.

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Teenage pregnancy is one of the mostpressing issues that affect societies all over the world today forseveral reasons. The causes for teenage pregnancy, and theconsequential effects, are in abundance. Accordingly, for your essay,there are a variety of aspects for you to examine or analyze. But aswith any essay, you need a good, strong introduction with an overviewof the content of the rest of your essay. Of course, your thesisstatement should be a part of your introduction (posts on thesisstatements are also available on this website). Keep reading todiscover how to craft your perfect teenage pregnancy essayintroduction.

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Opponents, however, say that “hurting and shaming” is counterproductive, that changing behavior is more complicated than this, and that teenagers need to be heard and supported rather than shamed.

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Rebelling in teenagers is often symbolic. They want to look grown up and impress their friends. If parents disapprove, it often makes teenage behaviour worse and are common. They defy adult restrictions deliberately as a way of asserting their independence.