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Someone I admire....Hm..?
Well, This is the topic that really gathered my all attention...
For, we really have some people in our lives which we admire wholeheartedly and lovingly....
Whom we wished to see everyday and those which are always swimming in our pool of thoughts...
That's a bit interesting topic for me....Well, if someone would really ask me that Whom I do admire...I'll answer the names of following lovable persons in my life without having a second thought...
Lem'me state few thoughts of mine on this very topic...
*My Dad ( Papa G- in Urdu)
Pencil can't stop writing and pages required , are to be infinite, yet the feelings of love, gratitude and many more which I can't even explain can not be stated.
In my short span of life, which I've spent meeting different people, I've never ever found a person, a father and lovely human being like him. His life is full of achievements!! Everyone admires him much :)
Now, you would be thinking who would he be, well, he is a teacher! The most noble, and prestigious profession...The person who grooms and makes up the lives of other people :)
His words, they are just like precious diamonds...which one would never want to lose :)
When he starts speaking, it looks like he had oceans of knowledge and amazing lessons which his precise wordings can even teach us..
Sometimes, I think, how could be someone so admirable....he's such a humble person! He never boasted up...Always taught us the lesson of patience, perseverance, and hard work :)
I still remember the day, a Speech Competition held at District Level... I lost it :(
When I returned from the hall, as I was out of city, my father called me to know about the results, I told him the whole story.
It was my dream to reach and win the Provincial level but I lost at the District. He encouraged me, as everyone there did. But few lines which he told me on that day were completely unforgettable!
I made them part of my life and stuck to them. They made my day and my all sadness was gone.
They were,
And Perserverance,
Make a complete package to success :)"
I loved the way he motivated me.
If today someone asks me why I am unbeatable in Speech. The credit goes to my father. I have inherited all the speaking qualities from him. He taught me to be an orator and debater :)
He taught me everything :P I still remember The first time I ever faced stage....There stood a crowd of people in front of me , And I had to speak.....And I spoke :)
Thanks Allah :) I made it. It was years ago when I was in 2 Class :) The topic given to me was,
" Knowlege Is Power "
I'm glad I've found an amazing father...who loves me selflessly....!! I have a great bond of friendship wth him and My mother :) All the things , qualities I have today in myself are just because of him. In each step of my life either in academics or other activites, he showed me the light of guidance.
My parents mean a world to me :P

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Learning to cook isn't that hard, he says. And you don't need to teach your children to cook, really, because if you're cooking, they're learning. If you have the time, read the full essay, because it's a great piece on both food and becoming who you are. Photo by .

08/02/2011 · The 6th formers having someone teaching them to cook are very lucky but it sad to think that at 17 and 18 years of age they can't cook

Well, Well, Phew!! It's a long essay, isn't it??
I want to write more but I guess it would take much space and I think it won't fit.
There are more people.....I can name them like My few teachers...:)
No worries...I'll write some other time about them :)
I should probably keep the last part of essay for The Teacher's Day article .....
I hope I'll find one, on this site, Surly :P
One last thing, Dear Giang :))
Must say, you're an amazing writer. Your eloquent words and streams of beautiful words you used in your short essay for your mother were out-class :)
She must be very lucky to have you as her daughter!!
Stay Blessed :))

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And kids are less likely to be picky if they cook something themselves." She quotes Stephanie Philips, owner of a cooking school for kids in Toronto: "Kids like to watch the Food Network." And she quotes dietician Sue Mah, who says that teaching kids to cook promotes healthy eating habits when you get them away from fast foods.

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If you were never taught to cook, you might wonder how to progress from someone who just eats meals others make to being a mature cook. New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman shares how cooking gave him purpose and the process of learning to cook.

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Yes, you're right, mothers' love is always the same regardless of nations, culture,....but when reading your essay, I noticed that :
- You wrote " days spent wholly in kitchen and our rooms , cooking the most delicious foods", I guess, your mother is a housewife, your mom is a perfect woman, but in my opinion, I still prefer a woman who is a leader in a company :)). My mom is a teacher, she works all day and only spends 90 mins at noon to come back home and cook and eat meals, so meals are not very delicious :((, but for me, she is also a perfect woman.

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Childhood is the happiest time of a person's life If someone would ask me if i agree with a stetement that childhood is the happiest time of a person's life, i would say yes.
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Cooking is something that I inherited from my grandmother; my grandmother was a professional chef and owned her own restaurant, where I learned how to cook.