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Some propose that this be accomplished through taxation of the principle culprit....

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There was the Vietnam War and the economic crisis including inflation, high taxes, oil shortage and the lives of Americans was not good as children never attended schools leading to high criminal activities on the streets....

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The net long-term capital gain is qualified for a special tax rate.

Right now, the top 5% now hold 70% of the nation's wealth, up from 35% 30 years ago. Corporations are now holding a record $1,100 billion in uninvested cash. If giving more money to very wealthy investors and cash-bloated corporations creates jobs, where are those jobs? As of this writing, the unemployment rate is over 8%. No, the tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations are real failed stimulus package, and have cost the Treasury 10-fold more than the much-maligned stimulus package of 2009.

When you have more long-term gains than short-term loss there will be capital gain.

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On your tax return each year you are only allowed $3,000 in capital loss.