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Your surmise about the picture of the "old swimming hole" is correct. As I recall, the churches enlarged the pool, put in a sand bottom, sluiceways to channel in the water, concrete walls and a diving board sometime in the very early 1950's. The sluiceways formed a "Y" with Tom's Run about 100 yards upstream from the pool. One sluice channeled the Run and emptied back in to the stream bed below the spillway of the dam. The other sluice entered the pool at the side opposite the dam up toward the road. There were slots in the walls of the base of the "Y" so boards could be put in to control how much water went up each arm .You can see these sluices in the photo of the "new' pool.

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The final installment of the Hurricane Irene edition of Scenes From A Storm comes from the Tacony Creek. Above, the swollen Tacony at the Adams Avenue Bridge. No swimming, people. Below, debris washed on top of the pedestrian bridge just upstream of Adams Ave. Both photos courtesy of our friends at the .

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In those strains under study it was
found that swimming Escherichia coli (swarmer cells) preferentially circle to the left until they find a
sheltered crevice in a surface, where flow is less, and they swim upstream to establish a new microcolony
and biofilm!

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