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After the identification of the extremely violent subculture groups based on the existing statistics, the concentration of violence among the marginalized men and whether the pro-violent values exist are assessed. This is normally done through determining whether there is a collective encouragement, reward or approval when one engages in violent actions. To find out if there exists variance between the suspected sub cultural offenders, social values are measured using ratio scale.

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As they explained how a subculture causes violence, Ferracuti and Wolfgang argue out that violence is a result of conformity of a pro-violent subculture that is in direct confrontation or in conflict with mainstream culture. However, the two authors do not suggest that the subcultures are in total conflict with the societies that they are part of. They note that the violence portrayed by these cultures especially in the form of overt use of force, in interpersonal relationships, group interaction is a general view or reflection of the outstanding values of the mainstream society (Wolfgang & Ferracuti, 1967).

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Wolfgang and Ferracuti argue that violence is highly valued among the blacks in American society. According to them, this leads to the high cases of homicide among the groups as compared to the rest of the population. It is an integral component of the African American society. An individual in an ordinary culture is normally punished for deviating from the norms of the other group members. Likewise, any member in the subculture of violence who refuses to portray the violent behavior is treated with disdain or indifference. Wolfgang claims that it is not an improbable idea that a subculture can embrace violence as a part of its values, encourage its people to adhere to it and to a great extent punish those who deviate from it. He adds that the more people stay in such a culture, the more they are expected to embrace the culture which becomes an integrated part of his/her values which becomes their personality (Wolfgang & Ferracuti, 1967).

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