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 Makin, Kirk.

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In 2002, the federal government appointed retired Court of Appeal Justice Fred Kaufman to review Truscott’s Section 690 application. Kaufman, who had earlier presided over an inquiry into the of Guy Paul Morin, recommended that the Ontario Court of Appeal reopen the Truscott case to permit a full appeal. The federal minister of justice agreed.

Julian Sher, "Until You Are Dead:" Steven Truscott's Long Ride Into History (2002).

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On the evening of 9 June 1959 several witnesses saw Steven Truscott cycling with Lynne Harper through the countryside — Truscott carrying her on the handlebars of his bicycle. Two days later, the girl’s remains were found just off a tractor trail in a lightly wooded area known as Lawson's Bush, on the outskirts of Clinton.

Academy Award, John Truscott, Adam Elliot, Scotch College, Melbourne, RMIT University

Timing was critical to the case. Pathologist John Penistan, who conducted an autopsy of the victim, testified that her half-digested stomach contents revealed that Lynne had died between 7:15 p.m. –7:45 p.m. This narrow window of opportunity proved to be damning evidence against Truscott, since it was certain that he had been with her during that time. The brief window also lessened the possibility of a stranger having picked Lynne up on the highway and driven her back across the bridge toward the tractor path where she died.

In the trail of Steven Truscott he was accused of raping and killing his classmate Cheryl “Lynne” Harper near Clinton Ontario.