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Genre History
Southern Gothic did not discriminate, nurturing some of the most talented female writers of this century.

Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird is a precedent example of Southern Gothic literature.

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This essay considers southern literature in terms of generic forms that are, if not uniquely southern, substantially recognizable as contingent upon southern identifiers: geographic, social, cultural, as well as historical and linguistic contingencies that constitute "the South."

Southern Gothic Literature Southern Gothic is a writing style used in many short stories and novels based on the American South.

The cultures of several souths are embedded in literatures of slavery, literatures of pastoral, and literatures of resistance. In gathering examples of these different organizations, it is not surprising that most of them come from fiction and autobiography, which tend to be constructed from social dynamics and structures that follow the narrative flow of history. Although this overview does not attempt to use poetry and drama very extensively for illustrations, certainly both genres furnish examples of each of the categories that we will follow, and indeed for the Southern Agrarians, poetry was a primary vehicle. A different question concerns the idea of "the southern poem" as a genre. (University of Virginia Press, 2003), makes the positive case with a large gathering of representative poems. Four essays that also consider this question are:

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The selection of southern genres outlined in this overview indicates one more key element of the genre approach: genres classify works according to similarities, but they thrive and depend upon difference, not only differences in conventions and forms, but differences in the ways that groups within the same geographical places experience history. From the slave South came the radically different genres of slave narrative and plantation romance. The agrarian South produced both pastoral and anti-pastoral. Self-conscious, produced both what we might call an establishment modernist narrative and, as counterforms, the grotesque narrative and the "grit" narrative. Two other categories of genre differentiation are not discussed in this overview: the splitting off or subdividing of women's and African American literature. Considering African American and southern women's literary history apart from that of white or white male writers has been responsible for sometimes meaningful, but often arbitrary and misleading, exclusionary readings. Women’s literary versions of southern history and culture resulted in their adaptation of some traditionally male genres and their creation of others. We can speak, for instance, of the mother/daughter genre of southern fiction. Yet certain splits—including the division of plantation literature into the male romance and the female domestic novel—resulted in artificial barriers to the understanding of common imagery and intention.

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The seemingly accepting and neighbourly Maycomb townsfolk's true grotesque personalities are revealed (characteristic of Southern Gothic literature) when a black man is accused of raping a white women, even with little evidence.

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Southern Gothic literature was inspired by early Gothic writing, a genre that was popular in the 18th century England.
In Gothic Literature, the authors wanted to expose
the problems they saw in medieval society.