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~Joel Goldsmith

Everybody should be quiet near a little stream and listen ~Ruth Krauss (1901–1993), , 1960

Silence is more musical than any song. ~Christina Rossetti

Nothing is more useful than silence. ~Menander of Athens

Good as is discourse, silence is better and shames it. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Circles"

Silence is the parent of wise thoughts, — the mark of a well composed mind.

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onas’s second example, image-making, is a capability which “displays a total, rather than a gradual, divergence from the animal’s.” The activity is biologically useless, he notes, and requires sufficient mental abstraction to distinguish between reality and representation — that is, between the sensations of the present moment that all animals experience and the form of something else in memory or the imagination. Image-making is the transference of this metaphysical idea onto a physical substrate; even for a portrait or some other picture modeled on something real and present, the copy is distinct from the original but linked to it by a nonmaterial concept.

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But Singer is equally well known for promoting reprehensible ideas about the treatment of vulnerable human beings — the young, the old, the ill, and the disabled. The insidious connection between these two stances is a philosophy that attaches value to specific rather than as a whole: If a certain level of intelligence or other properties means animals should be accorded more value, conversely, to Singer the absence of those properties in some people makes those individuals worth less.

There is no better way of debating the tradition and stereotype of female silence than this poem through a …

Speech is silver, silence is golden

With hard work and careful observation, a better explanation was eventually forthcoming, as there may one day be for other elephant-related phenomena that seem a little spooky. Many people, for instance, report a kind of sixth sense about when an elephant is in the area, one they cannot actually perceive in any identifiable way but seem almost never to be wrong about. Poole describes it as “a vibrancy in the air, a certain warmth,” or by contrast “a stillness, an emptiness” in the landscape when elephants are absent. Conceivably, this elephant radar may be produced by the talking tremors, felt viscerally rather than audibly — but less obviously explicable is Poole’s similar sense of whether she is about to find a carcass with ivory attached.