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You can also explain why “other problems” should not be better funded. Your opinion is “I believe that money spent on the protection of wildlife is vital and money should not be diverted from this to other problems in society.” Your essay will then explain your full opinion.

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Today, some people are claiming Taino genes and an intact ancestral culture, and some academics and scientists are taking their claims seriously, while others see . A big problem with genetic ancestry claims, and trying to make them cultural claims, is that during the period in question, the 1500s, the Spanish invaders and the African slaves were mostly men, and native women would have been the primary source of Caribbean mothers. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down through the mother, and the studies that have detected American Indian mitochondrial DNA in the Caribbean peoples, Puerto Rico in particular, are probably showing the survival of the native concubines and “wives” of the 1500s. Once the Caribbean population passed through the bottleneck of the early 1600s, the mitochondrial DNA would reflect those Taino mothers, or even those brought from the other islands and mainland.


Today, after watching your opinion essay video, I picked up one Agree/Disagree essay topic related to Television ( People become lazy and unsocial ). I could write only 215 words.

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