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The relevant standards include Q4, Q10, Q13, Q16, Q24-27 although in using and implementing ICT appropriately, evidence may be provided of meeting standards 'across the board'. In particular ICT is likely to become invaluable in efficiently managing and continually updating professional profiles of/for continuing professional development and progression.

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The secondary science course approximately 10 hours of ICT skills related to their use in Science teaching. In the first session, there is a short presentation (Download 5.0a) and all trainees carry out an audit. Based on this, several sessions are organised. Trainees are encouraged to work co-operatively and to share their skills and resources. If they need extra assistance, they are encouraged to use the online materials and the drop-in sessions mentioned above. Individual tutorials are arranged if necessary. By the end of the year, trainees are expected to produce a portfolio of materials showing the development of their skills. This includes a look at social, moral and ethical issues. (Download 5.0b).Trainees also have the chance to review software and websites. (Download 5.0c). This is based on a form produced by BECTA and used by our Geography Department. One of the activities they are asked to carry out in school is to look at the resources available within the school and the Science Department as this will have a bearing on their planning and class management. (Download 5.0d).

The ICT I use at home are computer for entertainment and educational purposes, playstation, Playstation portable, DVD and mobile phone.

There are many reports which highlight the benefit of using ICT in teaching. For example see the review of research evidence in Newton, L R and Rogers, L (2001). Impact2 was a major study carried out between 1999 and 2002 involving 60 schools in England and was one of the most comprehensive investigations into the impact of information and communications technology (ICT) on educational attainment so far conducted in the United Kingdom. It can be . However, this report also pointed out that there were a significant number of teachers who made little or no use of ICT in their teaching. There were also some literature reviews, available at .

At school ========= I use Microsoft Word in my Business studies and gay ICT lessons to type work out in best such as coursework and classwork....

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Finally, in addition to offering new kinds oflearning experiences, the Internet and World Wide Web offer access to postsecondaryeducational opportunities for new types of students and new kinds of institutionalclientele. We are still in the early stages of an explosion in technology-assisteddistance learning. Campuses and corporations will be competing for an audience.

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They aid industrial processes, find applications in medicine; they are the reason why software industries developed and flourished and they play an important role in education.

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Admittedly, infusing technology into theeducational experience—in K–12 and in higher education—is not like asurgical or pharmaceutical intervention. To date there is no magic pill, no "killerapp" or content, no definitive technology that consistently and reliably improvesacademic achievement and learning outcomes. Moreover, technology costs money—real,recurring expenditures for hardware, software, networks, content, user training andsupport, and other things. Unfortunately, most campuses simply do not have a financialplan to address recurring IT costs: too much of the replacement funding for agingequipment and software comes from budget dust—the year-end money we try to spendbefore someone higher in the campus pecking order finds it and grabs it for their ownbudget.

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Teaching Assistant Level 3 Diploma Assignment 5

Q1. What learning skills can be developed using ICT skills?

Q2. Discuss 5 factors the teaching assistant should consider when setting up ICT.

Q3. Outline some important safety instructions that need to be considered when using ICT equipment.

Q4. How might a teaching assistant encourage independence in the development of ICT skills?

Q5. What might the role of a teaching assistant be in carrying out regular checks of ICT equipment to maintain good working order?