The Role of the Citizen If you are a citizen of the U.S.A.

Citizens of Greek cities overthrew their tyrants and set up governments ruled by citizens.

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Rationale for citizenship Education for citizenship is important because every society needs people to contribute effectively, in a variety of ways, to the future health and wellbeing of communities and the environment, locally, nationally and globally.

Marcus Livius Drusus again tried to offer citizenship to the provinces.

We are all citizens of one country or the other

All Biblicaltranslations, unless otherwise noted, are from the Revised Standard Version. The "[other translations]" link after each cited passage compares theRSV translation with four others: the King James, American Standard Version,Young's Literal Translation and New American Standard. I chose the RSV todisplay in the text because of what I consider its greater readability. Readers of this essay will see that by and large any differences among thetranslations do not affect the interpretations I give to the RSV version ofeach passage. The few instances where translation differences from the RSVlend a somewhat different meaning, are balanced by the times when a non-RSVtranslation bolstered my point but the RSV did not, and so the passage was notincluded at all in the essay.

My first inclinations were that citizenship was related to politics and practicing the rule of law.

From whot I have learned in class, I can confidently say that my views of citizenship have changed for the better to include a broader vision than just the politically involved law-abiding citizen....

The right to vote or the right of free speech are aspects that, as citizens, we posses.

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In no specific ordering, the first is determined to believe that any one person born in the United States is a citizen and which means their parents should become citizens along with them.

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While this seems to be in-line with the fourteenth amendment which states “all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside” (Congress, 1866), the true intention of this part of the constitution is hotly debated, particularly in light of the current economic downfall in the United States....

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However, the US, as the great melting pot that it is, has always embraced migrant citizens to become part of their nation for as long as the US was established.

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Very soon many of these men and women will be able to step into the sunlight and, ultimately, if they chose, become Americans.” (Masci) Ronald Reagan claimed this speaking about the illegal immigrants in America.

Essay on Rights and Duties of a Citizen

According to Peter Meisen, founder/president of G.E.N.I., only 28per cent of the annual world military expenditures could pay to endhunger, stabilize populations growth, prevent soil erosion, provide clearenergy, retire developing nations debt, stop ozone depletion, prevent acidrains and climate change, provide safe water, eliminate illiteracy, stopdeforestation, eliminate nuclear weapons, provide health care and AIDScontrol, remove land mines and provide refugee relief and shelter.

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A U.S. Africa Energy Conference-"A Partnership for the 21stCentury- is scheduled for December 13-15 in Tucson, Arizona, co-hosted byUS Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson. Major objectives will be toaddress "citicial issues on investment in clean energy development anduse, energy integration, sustainable energy development..."