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There are hazards happening because of the excess trash, which could have been recycled.

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An important advantage accounting for the sustained interest in composting activities is that composting integrates well with women's triple roles: household and family care, income generation, and community management. The location of the composting sites within market areas (in the cases of Hawkers Market and Korogocho) where the women engage in hawking allows them to monitor their businesses while undertaking composting activities. But in some informal settlements, the location of the composting site actually makes women's daily responsibilities more difficult. In the case of Kinyago, the composting site is located across a busy road (First Avenue Eastleigh - refer to Figure 5.2 ), making it difficult for the women to monitor their children. It also means that the women have to haul water to the composting site. Thus, it is important that the composting plots be strategically located so as to ease the burden on women. This is easier said than done, however, when their is a shortage of available and appropriate land in informal settlements.

One of the most important outputs of the Earth Summit (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) in 1992 was Agenda 21:

Essay about recycling waste materials

LAST YEAR, A SURGE in the market price for recycled materials prompted a spate of recycling-has-finally-arrived articles. At one point, New York was selling its old newspapers for $150 per ton, which was almost enough to offset the extra costs of the paper recycling program. But newsprint prices have since plummeted back to familiar levels; New York is once again paying recyclers to take its newspapers, and city officials are resigned to losing money on recycling. As a result of a lawsuit by City Council members and the Natural Resources Defense Council, the city has been under court order to collect increasing amounts of recyclable material to meet goals set in law. City officials have promised to comply by expanding the recycling program and promoting a separate program in the public schools, but they've been stalling because they don't want to increase the budget deficit.

The demolition industry focuses on the recycling of building materials,while the deconstruction’s role is recovery and reuse.

One alternative waste management technique is the urban poor's re-use of refuse. Waste recycling is often undertaken as a survival strategy when the urban poor are unable to obtain formal employment, and when non-waste resources are scarce or unaffordable. Waste re-use also plays a role in improving the urban physical environment. By reducing the total amount of solid waste headed for the landfill (or left lying to rot in the streets), recycling and composting are land-saving and pollution-reducing strategies. Waste re-use also plays a valuable resource conserving role: by recycling materials, further exploitation of scarce natural resources is minimized, thus containing the spreading ecological footprint of the city. Despite these environmentally and socially beneficial aspects of waste recycling, it is not without its negative impacts, which include exploitation by waste buyers and poor health and living conditions for the urban poor who deal in waste picking (Furedy, 1992).

By finding a cheap site, the high costs of recycling, incinerating and disposing in original country could be avoided.

Essay on recycling waste materials

Environmentalists don't necessarily oppose free-market reforms for garbage -- they've supported some pay-as-you-throw systems -- but they spend much of their energy crusading for government recycling programs and regulations. They have instinctively chosen Hardin's second solution. This is partly because of their ideology -- many environmentalists trust government regulations more than market forces -- but there's also another reason. The leaders of the recycling movement derive psychic and financial rewards from recycling. Environmental groups raise money and attract new members through their campaigns to outlaw "waste" and prevent landfills from opening. They get financing from public and private sources (including the recycling industry) to research and promote recycling. By turning garbage into a political issue, environmentalists have created jobs for themselves as lawyers, lobbyists, researchers, educators and moral guardians. Environmentalists may genuinely believe they're helping the earth, but they have been hurting the common good while profiting personally, just like the village's herdsmen. This is the real Tragedy of the Dump: the waste of public funds on recycling programs, the needless public alarm about landfills.

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A few of the obstacles experienced by MYSA include health risks and injuries to the youths, difficulty involving older youths in the clean-ups, promoting community cooperation in waste disposal, a lack of ability to expand into recycling to generate income, involving female youths in sports, and an inability to accommodate street children in its project (Personal communication, MYSA). For 1991, the total expenditures of MYSA were $10,700 (US) on equipment and the coordinator's salary (Munro, 1992: 209). This money is provided by Scandinavian donor agencies who also sponsor MYSA's "all-star" team to travel to Europe for occasional tournaments.

Essay on recycling of waste material

If you are are heavy with garbage and guilt, Charles City is the place to lay down your burden. There you can see garbage the way Linny Miles regards it: not as a moral issue but as an economic commodity. New Yorkers get rid of their garbage cheaply; Charles City's children get new schools. Why should New Yorkers spend extra money to recycle so they can avoid this mutually beneficial transaction? Why make harried parents feel guilty about takeout food? Why train children to be garbage-sorters? Why force the Bridges school to spend money on a recycling program when it still doesn't have a computer in the science classroom?