How can we protect and conserve our present flora and fauna…

"Role Of Students In Conservation Of Flora And Fauna ..

Role Of Students In Conservation Of Flora And Fauna

Lord Howe Island is considered to be an amazing example of an island environment developed from underwater volcanic activity, having an uncommon variety of sceneries, flora and fauna....

The only way she can protect Miles and Flora is by gathering information and becoming aware of what is going on.

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What seems to explain invader and endemic success with those migrations is what kind of continent the invaders came from, what kind of continent they invaded, and the invasion route. Asia contains large arctic and tropical biomes, unlike any other continent. North America barely reaches the tropics and only a finger of South America reaches high latitudes, and well short of what would be called arctic latitudes in North America. Africa’s biomes were all tropical and near-tropical. The route to was straight across at the same latitude, so the biomes were similar. About the same is true of the route to Africa from Asia. Asian immigrants were not migrating to climates much different from what they left. But the route to North America was via , which was an Arctic route. Primates and other tropical animals could not migrate from Asia to North America via Beringia, and even fauna from temperate climates were not going to make that journey, not in Icehouse Earth conditions. Oligocene North America was geographically protected in ways that Oligocene Europe and Africa were not, and it already had substantial exchanges with Asia before and was a big continent with diverse biomes in its own right. It was not nearly as isolated as Africa, South America, and Australia were.

Special requirements apply to  (those included on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora () list).

For 10 million years, Earth’s ecosystems readily adapted to the warmer temperatures, but Greenland , and by 14 mya the party was over and a steady that lasted all the way to the beginning of the current ice age, as the Antarctic ice sheets grew like never before. Once again, tropical flora and fauna in high latitudes either . Reefs cannot migrate, so those outside the shrinking tropics died out.

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