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More recently, such speech has become common, not just in private, butalso in public and in the mass media. Finding a TV show, movie, or novelthat does not use it is nearly impossible, even in so-called "familyentertainment." Social media have gone so far as to give suchexpressions code abbreviations, so people can use profanity without havingto type it out! Some professing Christians carelessly copy and distribute ontheir pages messages that include it.

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"On the whole, it's a moderate effect," said Coyne. "We even ran the statistical model the opposite way to test if the violent kids used more profanity and then sought it out in the media, but the first path we took was a much better statistical fit even when we tried other explanations."

Feb 25, 2014 · Here’s a simple truth: the internet has radically changed the world

"There is a literature that shows the prosocial effects of media on children, the authors ignore these reports," Jay said. "The authors make no case for profanity being beneficial, as in humor elicitation, or social bonding, or as a coping mechanism, or ."

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