Aggressive discriminationwas accessed in two ways.

People felt more concerned and guilty over racial prejudice thanover sexism.

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In Chapter 6 we noted that, because of contemporary
social norms that condemn prejudice, prejudice and discruuination tend to
manifest themselves in subtle ways and in situations in which prejudiced behavior
can be attributed to other causes, Thus, for example, a prejudiced person could
claim that she voted against a Black political candidate not because he was Black,
but because his platform was too liberal.

Ratings ofnonprejudiced and blatandy prejudiced participants were unaffected by thememo.

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In many cases, prejudice stems from the unknown. As individuals, we tend to migrate toward those who may look like us, act like us, and think like us. As a result, it may be difficult for us to open our minds and embrace those whose values, beliefs, and overall sense of self differ from our own.

A number of factors influence the relationshipbetween prejudice and discrimination.

The researchers then used what is
known as the waiting room ploy to assess discrimination: The research apparatus
“malfunctioned” and the experimenter asked the participant to wait in the hallway,
where seven chairs were lined up in a row, with a female African American
student seated in the chair next to the door to the laboratory.

Describe the factors that influence the relationship between prejudice anddiscrimination.

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Dovidio and his colleagues (1996) noted that explicit paperand-
pencil measures of prejudice assess controllable responses: People can think
about how they want to respond and carefully choose their responses, so social
desirability response bias can affect their answers; however, implicit attitude
measures assess relatively uncontrollable attitudes, so there is less opportunity
for social desirability response bias to affect responses (see Chapter 2).
Similarly, some behaviors, such as the content of what a person says, are controllable
and so can be affected by a social desirability response bias, whereas
other behaviors, such as many nonverbal behaviors, are more automatic and
difficult to control and so are less likely to be influenced by a social desirability
response bias.

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Similarly, Denise
Sekaquaptewa and her colleagnes (Sekaquaptewa, Espinoza, Thompson, Vargas, &
von Hippe!, 2003) found that an implicit measure of prejudice was related to
White students’ tendency to ask a Black student stereotypic rather than nonstereotypic
questions from a list provided by the researchers.

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Replicating the results shown in Table 10.1, William Graziano
and colleagues (2007) found that people recognized that there are social norms
which detelnllne whether prejudice toward particular groups is acceptable or unacceptable.
However, they also reported that people personally found it even
more acceptable to discriminate against groups such as rapists and terroriststhose
groups for which society approves prejudice.
Prejudiced people also are lllore likely to discriminate against those outgroup
lllembers who fIt their personal stereotype than against those who do not.

Methods of Reducing Prejudice and Discrimination

example, Gretchen Sechrist and Charles Stangor (2001) pretested White college
students’ level of racial prejudice and selected those with high or low scores for
participation in a study conducted several weeks later.