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Why are the governing bodies of this nation allowed to pray daily, but schools are prohib... ...

Should there be time set aside in school for kids to pray.

somebody said that they saw America go down hill when we put, In God We Trust on our money. I just think it Started going down hill when they abolished group Prayer in schools in the 60’s. We all have choices if you made yours to stay out or religion or Christianity then that is up to you. I wont tell you your wrong but we all will be judged one day and if you deny Jesus he will deny you in front of the Lord.

But for some reason, those who wish to practice their religion publicly are treated as criminals.

Supporting arguments for In School Prayer have little validity.

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Depending on the type of school students attend, organized prayer is mandatory, allowed, or banned.

Both arguments make compellling and relavent points. Personally, I feel that voluntary prayer should not be a part of the school days schedule, however, should be allowed upon individual request. By this I don't mean that children be allowed to skip entire school days because of prayer, however, a few minutes is definetly reasonable. I feel that is it is time that our school stop viewing discussions about religion as tabu. There are limits however. Religion should for the most part be kept out of the cirriculums of younger school children, I don't think that they need the complexity of debating their life style while struggling through Kindergarten

Prayer is definetly a personal issue, but its up to the individual to decide how private he or she wants it to be. As long as it doesn't infringe upon the rights of others, we all have to become more tolerant and accepting of people practicing their beliefs in public.

Wound it cause more problems than it would fix (“Pros and Cons of Prayer in School”).

Should prayer be allowed in school?

I will like to start prayer in the schools of Moses Lake, Wa. Do you have any advice on how to start to get people together and have the law changed and to allow school prayer back so it will be constitutional?

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I found this article while doing some research for an English paper. Here are my two cents:
1) Morals are not taught in school but rather at home. School teaches match, science… and well, you know. If you want your kid to learn religion you’ll have to pay for that.
2) It is not against the law to pray in public schools. It is against the law for a school official to lead a prayer. So, if your kid wants to pray at school, so bet it. If any problems arise you will win because it’s not against the law.
Obviously people, get over yourselves. This country isn’t bad because of lack of religion, it’s bad because of the people living in it.

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At this point in our history with government run schools that are failing by almost every standard, it may be the time to shut them down. Open private schools that are free to teach religion, have prayer Bible reading, and let each parent decide where they want to send their child. This would be the American Freedom of choice and Free Market Place that gives you the best product at the best price. The government once it ruled on religious practice in the schools, crossed that high wall which was to separate church and state. It did not rule impartially, but rather it ruled against God. Parents would become more involved in their child's education once they were forced to make a decision on education.

Question: What Does the Law Say About Prayer in School?

If you want prayer in schools, then you have to be willing to allow even the most radically different of prayers — that means also allowing the children to worship the Big Pink Elephant in the Sky, if that is their religion.

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America had a very negative beginning as she started off under the paradigm of slavery and exercised strict religious rules and exactions. As someone else has posted, historically the union of church and state (forcing religious views on society) always ends up disastrous no matter how good the intentions. Since 1999, there have been 31 school shootings. Anyone who denies that the removal of God from our public school system is not the cause of the senseless tragedies currently evident is just being willfully blind. Wake up!! Open your eyes as well as your hearts. Quit being stupid/foolish. Yes, it is the parents responsibility to teach the children about the Lord at home, however all kids are not as blessed or fortunate to be reared by God-fearing parents and guardians. Thus, God being taught in schools brings divine power into the lives of the youth who need Him so desperately, and who otherwise may not even receive such life-changing instruction. I suppose some of you would rather your children turn into mass murderers, thugs, pimps, or successful, indifferent citizens unconcerned with eternal things. Watch yourselves because we will have to give an account of our behaviors relative to the things of God, spirituality, and eternity. We will seal our eternal fates right here on Earth as this is a practice life for the eternal life to come. God loves each and every one of us so much that He was willing to give it all up for you and for me. His mercy will not always strive with man. One of these days, Earth will be no more. All of the pain and abuse and destruction and corruption will indeed be wiped out. Obeying God, studying His word, praying and living in His will, seeking His counsel is the only way we will ever make it……Kicking Him out means allowing the enemy in……how foolish can man continue to be????