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In 1842, while at the Poor Law Board, Chadwick did his study of the sanitary conditions of England.

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Yellen's response echoes the (perhaps justifiable) fear amongst 'professionals' that if monetary and fiscal policy is left with politicians then disaster awaits (though the performance of 'professionals' has been less than inspiring over the past fifty years!). However, her fears merely underscore the need for 'professionals' to take their responsibility for counselling and educating politicians seriously.

The wealth of a country is a key factor in the success of the education system.

Free Essays on Bad Sanitary Condition In Our Locality

Communal 'rules and regulations' exist to protect the lazy, the indisciplined, the free-loaders. What we need is less government, less regulation, more enterprise. We only need one commandment:

The share of employment by workers with less than High School education in the US fell from 28.5% to 8.4%. As Dean Baker has said,

Obedience is one of the capital benefits arising from a public education, for though I am very desirous of having young minds impregnated with classical knowledge, from the pleasure I have derived from it, as well as the utility of it in all stations of life, yet it is but a secondary benefit in my estimation of education; for to break the natural ferocity of human nature, to subdue the passions and to impress the principles of religion and morality, and give habits of obedience and subordination to paternal as well as political authority, is the first object to be attended to by all schoolmasters who know their duty and do it.
( (1811) Volume 109 p. 449 )

Lack of potable water and poor sanitary conditions are common in third world countries.

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At the same time, interest rates on the country's debt are incredibly low, hovering around 2 percent. That means we could borrow more money at a very low cost. What would we do with it? New money could be put to incredibly good use, rebuilding deteriorating roads and bridges or investing in education.

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...Thankfully, we have actual data on Trump’s supporters. Far from being idiots, they are people who would normally be considered functioning and successful. Trump’s supporters are better educated and wealthier than the American average.
(Jeet Heer, , New Republic)

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Paul Krugman is, primarily, a populist writer who writes to a particular, 'liberal', audience which is looking for 'authoritative' support. In this neoliberal age, such commentators are hard to find. However, while he provides this support (his responsibility as a New York Times columnist seems to be to satisfy this segment of its readership - which he usually accomplishes well!), he is torn between expressing acceptable 'liberal' commentary and retaining some credibility amongst mainstream economists (considered his true peers).

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A word of caution on Krugman's position: Krugman believes (or at least used to believe - I am unsure of his current views though I suspect they have modified over time - but !) in the virtues of free trade and globalization, however, he wants to mitigate the effects of the consequences. So, he writes as a person concerned for mitigating effects, while still supporting the fundamental causative policies. Rather like a Climate Change Denier who, while believing that climate change isn't happening, sees the consequences and wants to mitigate their impacts in people's lives.

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In 1953, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) was founded by Frank Chodorov in order to assert right-wing influence and control over universities. ISI was but a precursor to the present era of politicized and paranoid academic assaults. In fact, William F. Buckley, who catapulted to fame among conservatives in the early 1950s with the publication of God and Man at Yale, in which he railed against secularism at Yale University and called for the firing of socialist professors, was named as the first president of ISI. The former president of ISI, T. Kenneth Cribb Jr., delivered the following speech to the Heritage Foundation in 1989, a speech that perfectly captures the elitist and ruling-class ideological spirit and project behind ISI's view of higher education: