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Plato viewed realty as taking place in the mind but Aristotle viewed realty is tangible.

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The ‘middle period’ of Plato’s work is also characterised by the use of dialogues in which Socrates is the main speaker – but by this point it is generally accepted that it is Plato’s words that are being spoken. We see the flowering of his thought around knowledge and the Forms, the Soul ( and hence psychology), and political theory (see, especially, ).

I will then argue that Plato presents Socrates, and thereby himself, as an advocate for feminism.

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Therefore the difference between intellectual virtues and moral virtues is that intellectual virtues are natural, we are born with them while moral virtues are acquired (Peterson & Seligman, 2004).
The point of scrutinizing virtues is not to understand the meaning of virtue, because that is of no use but to know what is good and what is not and apply this knowledge in our day to day lives.
The difference between virtues and skills according to Aristotle is that a virtue is not so much concerned with the end product but with the intention with which an action was carried out and the way in which it was done.
Plato, in Meno, attempts to answer the question can virtue be taught.

Plato agrees with these distinctions and expands on them in the  (96e-99e).

Plato’s relevance to modern day educators can be seen at a number of levels. First, he believed, and demonstrated, that educators must have a deep care for the well-being and future of those they work with. Educating is a moral enterprise and it is the duty of educators to search for truth and virtue, and in so doing guide those they have a responsibility to teach. As Charles Hummel puts it in his excellent introductory essay (see below), the educator, ‘must never be a mere peddler of materials for study and of recipes for winning disputes, nor yet for promoting a career.

We don't have a hint here of Plato's later notions, in the  and , about a  afterlife.

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Plato begins to argue that injustice is never more profitable to a person than justice and Thrasymachus withdraws from the argument, granting Plato’s response....

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Plato uses a cave containing people bound by chains which constrict their neck and legs in such a way that they are unable to turn around and there is a fire roaring behind them casting shadows on the wall.

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Plato and Aristotle, maybe, but there is no evidence of monotheism in the , or in the early dialogues that we can confidently say reflect Socrates' own ideas.

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This perfect society has been both praised and criticized on the basis of some radical elements it possesses: The citizens of Plato’s ideal society are able to curb their self-interest, and because they are happy, or at least psychologically conditioned to believe that they are, these people choose to join in the collective effort and submit to the philosopher-king’s rule for the benefit of all....

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This is the setting, and as usual Plato’s choice of characters is symbolic; Megillus represents Spartan political principles, while Cleinias represents the Athenian principles....

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On the other hand, Aristotle divided men into three kinds -- those who go to participate at the Olympics, those who go as spectators, and those who go to sell things.

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Though Plato's ideas have survived in their original forms, translators and commentators during Renaissance times often understood them in a very different way than intended....