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One of the problems faced by people in developing countries is famine....

Developing Countries and Problems They Face :: Papers

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[IMAGE][IMAGE]These countries are not developed because many LDCs suffer from wars.

Developing Countries and Problems They ..

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Natural disasters are another reason for why these countries are not developed.

The Nigerian government has over the years employed a three-pronged strategy to tackle the incessant oil-related conflicts in the Niger Delta. The strategies include; the derivation principle, the establishment of developmental bodies and the militarisation of the region. The derivation principle grew from 1.5 % to 3% and currently is at 13%. Whereas, when agriculture was the mainstay of the Nigerian economy, the derivation principle was 50% of a state's income but with the of advent oil-boom this was changed. The change was based on the government's argument that oil is an accident of geographical location.

They help less-developed countries through organisations like World Jewish Belief.

by demographers in the developing countries ..

As a leading player in the African financial services sector, the banks aspiration is to fly the flag of African excellence within the global financial community and to be a role model to other African businesses. The United Bank of Africa (UBA) Plc has largely been a Nigerian and West African Bank. As the largest financial services company (by balance sheet size, branch network, customer base and profitability) in West Africa and the biggest listed company in Nigeria (by market capitalization, December 2007), the group has been recognized as a leader within the financial services industry in the region and a key driving force of the region’s economic development. UBA now has presence in seven African countries, spanning West, Central and East Africa, with main operations in Nigeria and Ghana, two of the most vibrant economies of Africa.

Nigeria, as one of the developing ..

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A developing country can be a result of ..

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