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Neem is an evergreen, tall, fast-growing tree, which can reach a height of 25m and 2.5m in girth. It has an attractive crown of deepgreen foliage and masses of honey scented flowers. A full-grown tree can produce 30 to 100 kg of fruits, depending on rainfall, insolation, soil type, and ecotype.
50 kg of fruit yields 30 kg of seed, which gives 6 kg of oil and 24 kg of seed cake. Neem has more than 100 unique bio-active compounds, which have potential applications in agriculture, animal care, public health, and for even regulating human fertility.

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The neem tree (Azadirachta indica) is regarded as one of mother nature's gift to the world. In India , it is commonly found in house compounds in both villages and cities. Green twigs are used as toothbrushes to combat teeth decay. Its extracts have a powerful pesticidal activity and are used by both households and farmers to control a wide variety of pests (insects, fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes, rodents etc.). These extracts have considerable antiseptic affects and are used as a skin care agent in soaps and shampoos. The leaves are often mixed with rice and consumed as a cure all and prophylactic against bacterial and helminthic infections. Neem leaf pastes are used to repair scarred skins arising from the effects of chicken pox. Not surprisingly, many believe that the neem tree itself can ward off demons.

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Pear sawflies, also known as pear slugs because of the appearance of their larvae, are
pests of pears and cherries that can be of particular concern in organic production systems. Neem oil, a natural product from the Indian neem tree, is toxic to a wide variety of insects. Can neem oil be used to control pear slugs in organic orchards? PARC researchers found that neem is slightly toxic to slug larvae, but more important its
presence stops the insects from feeding. Larvae find treated cherry foliage so distasteful they don’t eat, even when nothing else is available. They would rather starve.

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Neem, a member of the Meliaceae family, is a botanical cousin of mahogany. According to report of an ad hoc panel of the Board on Science and Technology for International Development, "this plant may usher in a new era in pest control, provide millions with inexpensive medicines, cut down the rate of human population growth and even reduce erosion, deforestation, and the excessive temperature of an overheated globe." Neem's other descriptions, such as "nature's gift to mankind," "the tree for many an occasion," " the tree that purifies," " the wonder tree," "the tree of the 21st century," and "a tree for solving global problems," are a recognition of its versatility. Its botanic name, Azadirachta indica, derived from Farsi, "azad darakht i hindi" literally means the "free or noble tree of India," suggesting that it is intrinsically free from pest and disease problems and is benign to the environment.

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Neem has much to offer in solving agricultural and public health problems in the country, especially in rural areas. However, more neem trees will have to be grown to meet the increasing demand for insecticidal and industrial uses. The local peasant community will have to be brought with the fold of increased awareness by outreaching and through interpersonal interaction, by involving 'sarpanch' or village chiefs, schools, women groups, and government and non-government organizations. Field demonstrations and neem fairs at strategic locations will have to be organized periodically in collaboration with local bodies or institutions to evoke the interest and participation of target communities. Also, existing local initatives, if any, will have to be strengthened.

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The complex molecular structure of bio-active neem compounds precludes their chemical synthesis economically. Therefore, even the chemical industry will have to rely on the use of raw material. With growing demand for natural pest control materials, the use of neem products is becoming popular worldwide. In the next decade, it is expected that global neem trade, comprising neem- based pest control materials, medicines, pharmaceuticals, and toiletries will grow to more than $500m. Herein lies a huge window of opportunity to benefit by growing and harnessing neem not only for local use but also for export to regions and countries where neem does not thrive.