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Father also impressed on me that the scholarship funds I had obtained from Bennington College were donated by wealthy Americans specifically to pay for the schooling of African students like me. In his mind, such philanthropy was as Islamic as building a mosque. “By giving education to a Muslim, the wealthy donor had furthered the cause of Islam, and the resultant good karma is enough to keep the United States elevated in the eyes of Allah,” he said.

I don’t know much about the Muslim Brotherhood, but I haven’t heard of their influence or activities extending much outside Egypt.

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Without actually having been elected to speak for these people, I suspect most liberals, slack and effete and GUILTY though they must surely be, would be more impressed by memetic influence than by a few random base pairs. Of course, Wicca might for all I know have absorbed a dose of Native American shamanism, in which case they would be forced to concede respect despite themselves.

I have no desire to defend Chomsky’s anti-Americanism, but nonetheless, I think it important and realistic to understand that people, even people we’d deem wicked, often still have positive traits. Chomsky’s hatred of postmodernism is one such trait; his contributions to linguistics are another. Along those lines, I didn’t want a misconception being accidentally spread.

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“If you start from these assumptions AND you retreat from the sword, then you must end up with weak thinking.” — I am completely pro-sword. But sometimes the way to victory is to put down a sword and pick up a gun. My problem is that we’re not using our big guns: our ideals, our intelligence, our rationality and our reputation. The military is the weapon of last resort. It’s the two-by-four you pick up when an intruder breaks into your home because you didn’t prevent the break-in in the first place.

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Andy – you hit on a good point. For all the Chomskyite talk about how America is a source of oppression in the Middle East, there is little doubt that a *real* hegemonic power would have simply occupied the region and pumped its oil without concern for the people living there.

and these Muslim eventually landed in Latin America

“These people threaten nuclear annihilation, behead bound captives, slaughter women and children indiscriminately, and threaten the same for Christians and Jews.” — These people are a small minority. The vast bulk of Muslims are just like the vast bulk of Christians. Maybe they’re open minded and tolerant, maybe they’re not. But they mostly want to go about their lives and be happy in their particular ways. Politicians want to be well-liked and get re-elected. Shopkeepers want people to shop so they can make money. Workers want to have a decent job at a decent wage and come home and relax. If we were properly building bridges with the politicians ans shopkeepers and workers, we’d have much less of a problem with the minority of terrorists.

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This is my whole point: everything they have done over the past 50 years bespeaks a confident, expansionist power willing to shed enormous amounts of blood for no more reason than the thrill of watching Infidels die. While nominally Islamic, they are actually no more than radical nihilists. Are we strong enough to outlast them? Yes. But I am not willing to see innocent people die while we make nice with them out of some misplaced guilt over the Crusades or the Shah of Iran or whatever fashionably America-bashing reason someone comes up with tomorrow.

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See, if you really believe that all societies, cultures and expressions are philosophically equal you’ll end up being either cornered into concluding that all that matters is the will to power (again, used in its technical meaning) or you’ll be forced to adopt Rorty’s “weak thinking.” If you start from these assumptions AND you retreat from the sword, then you must end up with weak thinking. It is in that sense that I wrote what I did. Personally, I reject the underlying assumption and I am pretty certain that Robert Heinlein would as well!