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Motivation in Learning Essay Sample

In Stephen Pinker's Language Learnability and Language Development, he uses learnability both as a challenge to theories of language acquisition, and as a heuristic for evaluating them....

The following essay will consider two basic motivation theories that attempt to answer the above questions....

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It is possible to even classify our motivation, mainly according to the nature of this phenomena and personal traits of its owner. So, some experts define power motivation, affiliation motivation, competence motivation, achievement motivation, and so on. Also, it is necessary to mention that motivation plays a huge role in professional life of any of us. If a person does not have a crave and high motivation for achievement, he or she will hardly achieve professional advancement and success. As you can see, there is actually plenty to write about on this exciting and interesting topic. Good luck with your academic essay on motivation.

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· Demonstration of application of at least three examples of theory-based motivation (e.g., expectancy-value, self-worth, social comparison, and so forth) for how serial killers may have been motivated to learn such violent behavior. (Make sure to define the concepts.)

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His findings reveal that Pakistani learners of English are motivated by both types of motivation, but interestingly integrative motivation is not for the target language society, but for the English speaking elite of the country.

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It incorporates cognitive theory and self-efficacy theory in the sense that it emphasizes that learners' current self-perceptions will strongly influence the ways in which they will interpret the success or failure of their current efforts and hence their future tendency to perform this same behaviours.-(copy by Weiner, 1980-1992) Here got a nine graduate attribut...