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The preoccupations and sentiments of a common soldier caught in the most traumatic moment in American historyPrivate Silas W. Haven, a native New Englander transplanted to Iowa, enlisted in 1862 to fight in a war that he believed was God’s punishment for the sin of slavery. Only through the war’s purifying bloodshed, thought Haven, could the nation be redeemed and the Union saved. Marching off to war with the 27th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Haven left behind his wife Jane and their three young children. Over the course of four years, he wrote her nearly two hundred letters, collected here for the first time.Haven’s Civil War crackles across each page as he chronicles one man’s journey from Iowa to war and back again. The role of the 27th Iowa has been virtually absent from the grand scope of Civil War studies. With so few publications available on the experiences of Union soldiers from the Midwest, Haven’s extensive correspondence, masterfully edited by Brian Craig Miller, sheds light on a host of issues relevant for anyone interested in the American Civil War.

American Military History Volume 1 The United States Army and the Forging of a Nation, 1175-1917.

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After 1918 the links between service education and academic activity were largely lost, despite the establishment of two naval history chairs. The Navy’s post at Greenwich would be held by experienced cadet teachers for much of the next 40 years, while the Vere-Harmsworth Chair in Naval History at Cambridge was annexed to in 1936. At Oxford the Chichele Chair in Military History has been held by some noted historians, and those better known for work in other fields. Whether these choices reflected a lack of suitable talent, or the temper of the times, they left the discipline without leadership or prospects. No ‘schools’ were founded, and few undergraduates were taught.

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Roger, that is an interesting interpretation, but certainly not the one I was aiming for nearly seven years ago. The main point is that leaders of nations who have no experience in the military can use military history to help fill the gap.

However, the military isn’t for everyone, but it offers so much for those who serve.

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The industrial revolution occurred in the period from 1760 to 1830 in which hand production methods has been transited to new inventions such as steam engine and spinning mule. The industrial revolution started in Britain and spread to other European states in a few decades. Such a revolution changed different aspects of manufacturing and daily life and contributed to an unprecedented economic growth and increase in living standard in Europe. It is believed that this revolution is the main cause of the "Great Divergence" between the East and the West. Although many important inventions in human history were invented in China, for example, compass, gunpowder, papermaking and print, there was never a similar industrial revolution, which could massively improve productivity and living standard in China. In this essay, the ideas of Kenneth Pomeranz and Mark Elvin on why an industrial revolution did not occur in China before the nineteenth century will be discussed.

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"[The Battle for China] is by far the best academic treatment of the military history of the [Sino-Japanese] war in English . . . A chronology, fourteen maps, and a select bibliography in three languages make this an indispensable work for historians of modern China . . . In scope, it is the most comprehensive work on the military history of the war in English. It makes available a diverse body of scholarship, much of which has not been translated. It should stimulate additional research into one of the most significant events in the history of modern China."—Parks M. Coble,

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1) Millet, Allen & Peter Maslowski, For the Common Defense: A MilitaryHistory of the
United States of America
2) Weigley, Russell F.

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", an excellent collection of more than a dozen essays by nearly a score of American, British, Chinese, and Japanese scholars, is the first full English-language account of the Sino-Japanese War. Its unique description and analysis of military operations should please both the general reader and the specialist."—Colonel Stanley L. Falk,