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Essay on Media's Effect on the Body Image of Women and Children

Carl Jung in his book The Undiscovered Self; Routledge Press offers the view that it is hard to create change by pushing messages at the culture as a whole. The route to changing a culture is by changing individuals who will have a subtle influence within their immediate circle of acquaintances. This influence will ripple outwards and it will take time to filter through into public consciousness. In conclusion to this essay, I quote directly his opinion.

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Free Essays on Media Body Image Cause Effect

This site promotes positive body image and tackle’s the impact of young people’s internalisation of idealised media portrayals of beauty and gender stereotypes. Includes interactive activities to use in the classroom.

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Comparing yourself to images you see in the media can be self-destructive and lead to feelings of being ashamed of your body. It's important to keep in mind that these images are likely to have been digitally enhanced. Highly stylised pictures of celebrities and models are an unrealistic representation of most people today.

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These findings must be interpreted against the fact that women tend to overestimate their body size, a feature that extents back to early days of puberty. Waller and Hamilton have an interesting view of the effects of the media in this respect. They claim that the media may act as a “negative reinforcer of body size overestimation, which may lead to eating disorder”. In other words, the media doesn’t make women feel a need to be thinner per se, but the media may assist them in feeling bigger than they already feel themselves to be. The starting position for many females is thus a built-in vulnerability, which is reinforced by the culture of the media. This view must be considered alongside other, parallel studies on body image. These show that the development of body image over time, a more useful predictor of protection from eating distress, is dynamic and affected by many variables, including exposure to traumatic events, body issues in childhood and general self esteem derived from core personality traits.

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Real life situation #2 - Social Media

Killing Us Soflty - Jean Kilbourne
Advertising's Image of Women
"failure is inevitable" - no such thing as perfection

how does it affect us?

1) A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

2) A beautiful or pleasing thing or person, in particular.

(oxford dictionary)
we reflect what we see on our body
we are not perfect
media shapes/changes our opinions based on advertisements and media
women - weight and appearance
men - masculinity and muscularity
media has great impact on our perception of beauty - we follow social conventions
low self esteem = conformity = influence of media
--> how is our perception influenced?
"The awareness of things through our five senses - smell, touch, taste, sound and SIGHT"
our concept of beauty:
what is it that is beautiful?
History - Evolution of Perception of Beauty
Francisco de Goya - Las Majas (Vestida/ Desnuda)

Image of women - sensual = at that time it was obscene
women cannot be naked!
Kilbroune, J.

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However, we are warned to guard against the short term view of media influence on body image or eating behaviours, rather than assess the long term outcome of exposure to certain images and values, or even to assess the effect of exposure to any set of values independently of the “shifting sands” of social and technological change.