Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska.

This knowledge was where Malcolm X drew his inspiration to be Malcolm just as intelligent....

and Malcolm X: Icons for the Civil Rights Movement

The 1960's saw the rise of Martin Luther King, Jr and Malcolm X, who not only influenced the civil rights movement but attempted to solve the problem of racism in this country.

Malcolm married on January 14, 1958 to Betty Sanders and later had six daughters.

and Malcolm X grew up in very different environments.

My site, for instance, has no analysis of the Nation of Islam and Malcolm's role in it (save three speeches from that period), but seeks only to vilify the Black Muslim movement and Louis Farrakhan -- a result of my own Islamic orthodoxy when I made it.

Academics were commenting on Malcolm X leading up to and following the film.

These are the questions often asked about humanity and in the book “outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell he explains what we question about in depth and it explains everything in a sociological perspective.

That is, with the exception of  at Columbia University who is now writing a biography of Malcolm.

Malcolm X was certainly not one to mince words.

After a trip to Mecca, he broke with Elijah Mohammed and his anti-white policies to form an independent political group expressing both national and international concerns.

Malcolm X, the 39-year-old leader of a militant black nationalist movement, was shot to death yesterday afternoon at a rally of his followers in a ballroom in Washington Heights.
Shortly before midnight, a 22-year-old Negro, Thomas Hagan, was charged with the killing.

Malcolm X voiced his strong opinion on the topic.

The police rescued him from the ballroom crowd after he has been shot and beaten. Malcolm, a bearded extremist, had said only a few words of greeting when a fusillade rang out.

Malcolm X once said, "I am not a racist.

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However, the police declined to say whether Hagan is a Muslim.The Medical Examiner's office said early this morning that a preliminary autopsy showed Malcolm had died of “multiple gunshot wounds.” The office said that bullets of two different calibers as well as shotgun pellets had been removed from his body.One police theory was that as many as five conspirators might have been involved, two creating a diversionary disturbance.Hagan was shot in the left thigh and his left leg was broken, apparently by kicks.

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Malcolm X had achieved this position due to his belief that the civil rights had merely tokenism gains towards the improvement of black Americans, although in a major thrust for racial integration (“Encyclopedia of World Biography”)....