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In the late 90s, Lynch was working for a contractor that investigated Medicare fraud.

"At that time, we invested fraud via complaints, which took a lot of energy and rarely led to actual cases of fraud," he says. "Soon, the industry switched to a data-based system, which allowed us to mine a wealth of information on everything from billing histories to claim submissions from any time period."

Unfortunately for Lynch, his superiors felt there was only one approach to mining this data. Lynch was told to only look at activity that was higher than average--large, red-flag payments, for example.

"They thought it was a mistake to investigate activity lower than average. They thought it would be a waste of time," he adds.

So, Lynch decided to make a mistake. Despite discouragement from his bosses, he checked the lower spectrum of activity...and discovered a gold mine of fraud.

"These people had been clever enough to stay under the radar. And almost every red flag we found in that spectrum turned out to be actual fraud," he says. "If I hadn't checked, they would have gotten away with it."

Lynch, who is now a manager at a compliance process operations firm in Westbury, Long Island, eventually convinced his team and the higher ups that this was a valid and efficient way to find fraud. It became a best practice.

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In 2004, Caldwell was a Colorado-based performer who spent summers putting on live shows for local libraries.

"It was a comedy storytelling show that encouraged reading during the summer. I had these balloon props and a prepared story to perform in front of 200 or so kids," she says.

But at one performance that summer, Caldwell made a huge mistake.

"I showed up to a show with a bunch of balloons and no plan," she recalls. "Funny thing is I don't even remember why I didn't prepare. But I was in trouble."

So, she decided to wing it. She quickly made a bunch of random "twisty" shapes with her balloons and encouraged the kids to come up with a story line with her. She then created the balloon characters along the way.

"It was like a lightbulb went off," she says. "I knew from the kids positive reaction that making my show more about creative storytelling was how I could improve my show."

In the long term most grammar mistakes will disappear by themselves, particularly if the learner does extensive reading in English.

An example of a historical figure who used the errors and successes of others to build his own career is Napoleon Bonaparte. He learned all he knew about war from books and after a while he was a master of belligerent art, so much so that the first time he went to the battle field as a commander he won, though facing a dangerous enemy. In this case, Napoleon relied on the failures and successes of his ancestors to perfect his own skill.

Of all the advice on Antimoon, “Do not make mistakes” is by far the most controversial

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Spelling mistakes: English spelling is irregular and even many native-speaker adults have difficulties with it. Spelling mistakes do not usually prevent the reader from understanding what the writer is trying to say, but they can create a negative impression. For this reason it is advisable to try to remove them from important pieces of writing. Probably, the best way is to write on the computer and . Diligent use of a dictionary is a good alternative. For writing, e.g. job applications, the piece should be given to a teacher to check over.

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Punctuation mistakes: ESL students need to learn certain aspects of the English punctuation system, such as the way to punctuate direct speech. In general, however, the most of punctuation mistakes are made not only by ESL students, but by native speakers too. These mistakes are due to the lack of a clear understanding of what a sentence is, and they result in fragments (incomplete sentences) or run-ons ('sentences' that do not end when they should).

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