The combination is essential for leadership.

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is a clinical professor of leadership development at .

“There is such a thing as a healthy dose and it lies somewhere on a wide spectrum that ranges from grandiosity and showmanship to denigration and coldness.” He begins by discussing narcissism and leadership.

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Leadership has a way of revealing our weaknesses.

Leaders can encourage a candid environment be celebrating productive failure, involving people enough in the issues that they can make intelligent contributions, focusing on both employees and customers that have left the company, and using humor to encourage frankness and trust.

All of the lessons these leaders learned are relevant to any leader in any situation.

Positive Leaders Have Grit

“When we look at successful companies and organizations, we see their current success and prominence but what we don’t see is the leadership and grit that powered them through all the failure and moments of doubt, heartache, fear, and pain.”

Positive leaders embrace failure and trust the process.

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We all struggle “to self-regulate our basic humanity—our biases, fears, insecurities, and natural fight-flee-or-freeze response to stress and anxiety.” We need to be willing to treat all of our “beliefs (not values) as hypotheses subject to stress tests and modification by better data.”

Negative emotions cause narrow-mindedness.

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Positive Leaders Confront, Transform, and Remove Negativity

“Positive leadership is not just about feeding the positive, but also about weeding out the negative.” You must address negativity.

Developing Leadership Skills Essay

And once you've found a good mentor, follow their advice. It's very easy to second guess much of this and I've learned from experience that many techniques can't really be understood until you've made a reasonable attempt to try them out. One of the best examples I heard was a client of ours who decided to trial extreme programming for a couple of months. During that period they made it clear that they would do whatever the mentor said - even if they thought it was a bad idea. At the end of that trial period they would stop and decide if they wanted to carry on with any of the ideas or revert to the previous way of working. (In case you were wondering they decided to carry on with XP.)

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I’ve had many leaders tell me,” writes Gordon, “that when they focus less on rules and invest more in their relationships they experience a dramatic increase in performance, morale, and engagement.”

Positive leaders are also positive communicators.

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“Learning to recognize your leadership gap is the factor that determines your greatness as a leader.” Sometimes we overuse a strength and sometimes we drift into the shadow side of our strengths.