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Born on September 23 in the year 63 B.C., and the great-nephew of Julius Caesar, Augustus ascended to the throne after Caesar’s assassination, he was only nineteen years old.

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[11] In summary, even though Augustus’ predecessors, specifically his own adoptive father Julius Caesar, are often considered better conquerors, Augustus used his military genius to introduce reforms in order to encourage enrollment, create a standing army and the Praetorian Guard to maintain the borders of Rome and expand the Empire.

The Assassination of Julius Caesar essays Julius Caesar (100 – 44 B.C.) was a very gifted and also a motivated leader

Free Julius Caesar papers, essays, and research papers. I saw Marcus Brutus as a second tragic hero in this play. .. Brutus Character Analysis in Shakespeare's Tragedy of Julius Julius Caesar Marcus Brutus Character Analysis Essays Caesar - Character Analysis: Brutus William Shakespeare's

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