The traffic-pollution causes affliction and distress to individuals.

The major air pollutants are acid rain, , fly ash, and indoor air pollutants.

One of the biggest types of pollutants is air pollution.

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4. Additional molecular filtration or air cleaning for specific locations and pollutions

Air pollution is problem of all of us.

Please see links below for more ideas on how individuals can contribute positively to indoor and outdoor air quality.

We are asking all our members to get involved and post a comment, picture, video etc to the EHAI Facebook page on September 26th of their contribution to reducing Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution.

High concentration of vehicle exhausts is the main source of air pollution in urban areas.

Have you ever noticed smog over a big city? Then you’ve actually seen outdoor air pollution. Some outdoor air pollution is invisible to us, of course, but it can still affect our lives.

There are several transportation factors that contribute to air pollution in the US.

Pollution is becoming a big problem in the world.

When a home is properly ventilated, air is constantly being circulated throughout the building. With most newer homes now being designed to be energy efficient, however, fresh, outdoor air is often rarely allowed to enter the home. Window and bathroom exhaust fans can help introduce outside air indoors without cooling off the home.

We’ve got many pollutants, which cause air pollution....

We shall have a public procession in Kampala city, public lecture on the theme "Indoor and outdoor air quality", radio talk show on the theme, essay writing competitions among primary school children (this process is already on going).

When air pollution becomes the subject, what do you think about.

During the fall and winter months, the air tends to become dry, especially in the home. A little bit of moisture keeps a home’s occupants more comfortable. However, too much moisture can encourage mold, mildew and bacteria growth, all of which decreases a home’s indoor air quality. It is recommended that you keep your home’s humidity levels above 30 percent and lower than 60 percent when possible.

The level of air pollution is double that of Sydney.

During the late fall and winter time, many people choose to close off their homes to the outside world. However, this causes the indoor air to become trapped inside the home, which could result in a buildup of pollutants that then re-circulate for the rest of the season. With this in mind, there are quick and easy ways that you can improve your home’s indoor air quality this fall and winter.

Malaysia biggest problem is the environmental pollution.

Unfortunately, VOCs are found in such a wide variety of products that it is very difficult to avoid them. All homes normally have a background level that represents the normal amount of VOCs that are often found. However, using products that are more environmentally friendly can help to reduce the levels of VOCs that may be found in the air that you normally breathe.

First, air pollution causes a great deal of health problems....

Many home items and materials release harmful pollutants, known as volatile organic compounds, long after they’ve been used or installed. Carpeting, certain types of flooring and paint all give off fumes and other pollutants for long periods of time after installation or application. Chemical household cleaning products and any gases used for heating also decrease indoor air quality, as pollutants are constantly being introduced into the indoor environment.