People have used art as a form of expression for a long time.

Not just any art, but two of my favorite styles – Cubism and Impressionism.

Literary Impressionist authors adopted the techniques of the artists.

Manet, although never truly an Impressionist by style, he led artists including Monet, Degas, Renoir, Pisarro, Sisley and Cezanne, in a new artistic direction.

The work of art itself is in the public domain for the following reason:

Van Gogh believed that art was a form of expression.

Formally announced by his artistic stooge Maxim Gorky, at the Soviet Writers Congress of 1934, the style or direction involved the creation of bold optimistic imagery to evangelize the achievements of the Soviet State and inspire workers to Stakhanovite feats of labour.

The impressionist movement is often considered to mark the beginning of the modern period of art.

In part, it was a revolt against the closed artistic purism of Abstract Expressionism, from which Pop artists sought to distance themselves by using simple, easily recognized imagery, as well as modern printmaking technology like screen printing.

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The most ubiquitous media used by Socialist Realist artists was the poster, although painting and sculpture was also produced, typically on a monumental scale, showing fearless individuals and groups in idealistic and heroic poses.

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Although the exhibition curator, GF Hartlaub, described its paintings as "new realism bearing a socialist flavour", the style was vividly expressionist in its satirical portrayal of corruption and decadence in post-war Weimar Germany.

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French born painter whose collaborations with other notable artists, among them Manet, Delacroix, and Monet 2, helped to influence and shape the budding Impressionist movement.

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The manufacture of portable tin tubes of oil paints as well as the discovery of ways to produce a wider range of chemical pigments allowed artists to paint in a way unimaginable before this period in time (Stuckey 12)....

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The traditional method of working in a studio was discarded and the impressionist artists carried any needed supplies with them into the countryside and painted the complete work outside.

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The is a term used by art historians to denote the community of artists, both French and foreign, working in the city during the first half of the 20th century, rather than a strictly defined style, school or movement.

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Well, how are you to decide what is and what isn't modern inpresent-day art in a sense that goes beyond the literal one? There'sno rule, no principle, no method. It comes down to a questionof tastes, or else a terminological quibble. Different stylisticdefinitions of the modern have been proposed in every generationsince the word first came into circulation as applicable to paintingand sculpture in more than a merely temporal sense, and none ofthem have held. Nor have any of those offered by the proponentsof the postmodern, whether stylistic or not.