There was not always plea bargaining in our court system.

Inour less than perfect world, plea bargaining is easily the lesser of the evils.

In actuality, plea bargaining is actually a more recent venture.

It is also important to consider the length of time that would be required to try every person indicted for a crime. With the courts as over burdened as they are, taking every case to trial could clog up the courts almost indefinitely. Since every person in this country is guaranteed a speedy trial (courtesy of the sixth amendment), banning plea bargaining without tremendous budget increases would violate the constitutional rights of those accused.

The affirmative speaker believes that plea bargaining does not reveal the

Secondly the affirmative case said how plea bargaining was "unfair".

I am not going to lie, yes, there are instances when criminals are sent back to
the street and do commit terrible crimes, but I do not believe that plea
bargaining is the cause of this.

The speaker also referred to how plea bargaining was inaccurate and unfair.

According to Joseph Sanborn, author of A Historical Sketch of Plea Bargaining, plea negotiations were supposedly one of the better kept secrets of the criminal justice system.

It was stated that plea bargaining doesn't reflect what really happened and the

Some people may believe that plea bargaining with criminals is wrong.

Joseph stated that, “During the early 1970’s, the United States Supreme Court characterized plea bargaining, and implicit plea negotiation as legitimate and vital components of the modern criminal justice system” (Sanborn, 2006)....

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Plea-bargaining is important because if every case went to a trial it would take years for criminals to get from the time of arrest till the time of trial.

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The institution of plea-bargaining of has raised many controversies all over the world where was implemented, (in Italy is known as pattegiamento and is France is called plaider-coupable) the most heated ones can be found in the U.S.,...

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Barry Kinsey, a sociologist at The University of Tulsa, said "Without plea
bargaining the court's could not function unless there were drastic increases in
budget allowance" .

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Plea Bargaining And Sentencing – The Role Of Mitigation – Colorado Criminal Lawyer Series – Since very few cases actually go to trial in the Colorado criminal justice system – ( less than 5 % by most analysis), understanding the importance of strategic, effective, and intelligent negotiations is critical.

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Accused is not punished fairly. I have already stated how Plea Bargaining does reach the truth therefore it is accurate. The accuracy is very accountable because in many cases there are other witnesses that confirm the testimony of the defendant. Witnesses and/or victims are usually present at the case and testify to add additional