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One of the issues that the world's nations are faced with is the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa.

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One major cultural factor influencing the transmission of HIV involves sexual patterns within the culture. In other words, perhaps due to societal or cultural pressure, many of the youth in Caribbean states report-having sex prior to 15 years old. The younger age can increase the transmission of HIV, in addition to many people having more than one sexual partner.

Where did HIV in the Caribbean Originate and Which Gender Has the Highest Infection Rate?

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In Which Age Group is HIV the Leading Cause of Death and Which Caribbean Countries Are Most Affected by HIV/AIDS?

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These numbers leave Northern Africa with just over one million people living with HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

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Critics of the Russian Federation's response to HIV/AIDS decry that country's banning of methadone, shaky epidemiology, and general lack of concern for the most affected populations. But when it comes to treatment, Russia provides anti-HIV drugs and excellent monitoring. The lab at the Moscow AIDS Centre has state-of-the-art equipment, including a fluorescence-activated cell sorter, which conducts sophisticated analyses of different immune cells.

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Across the world the global epidemic of HIV/AIDS has shown itself capable of triggering responses of compassion, solidarity and support, bringing out the best in people, their families and communities....

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Ukraine, which has the highest estimated adult prevalence of HIV in all of Eastern Europe (1.6%), has a strong civil society that has pushed forward progressive treatment and prevention efforts. These two women, Albina Byrokova and Viktoriya Stoyanova (right), both attend this opiate-substitution treatment program in Odessa. Fortunate as they are to win a coveted slot in this program, their frustrating attempts to treat their HIV infections—both have lost husbands to AIDS—underscore that much progress still needs to occur. Stoyanova complains that before she can start on anti-HIV drugs, she has to travel long distances around the city to see a gynecologist, have her liver enzymes measured because of hepatitis C, and have her lungs checked for TB by fluoroscopy. "I can't get antiretroviral drugs because I'm like a football," she says. "One center is at one place, and one is at another. I'm too sick to get around." Byrovova is caught in a different snarl: Ukraine, like many middle-income countries, offers treatment only to people who have suffered the most immune damage, and she does not yet qualify. "I'm weak and wasting," she says. "I have lost 10 kilos. I have a boy, 6 years old, and a disabled father. I can't wait."

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Olena Kravchenko, head of outpatient services at the Kyiv AIDS Center, shows off the collection of penises she keeps in her office, including one figurine whose erection pops out when she tilts it back. "The penises started because I was doing sex education for the staff," Kravchenko explains. She is a take-charge, no-nonsense clinician who marches (in glamorous, spike-heeled, raspberry-colored boots that match her lipstick) to the beat of her own drummer and speaks her mind at every turn. She appreciates how support from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria over the past 6 years has allowed her clinic and others to offer anti-HIV drugs, but she thinks it's high time that Ukraine take the lead. "If I put my hand on my heart and say I trust the Global Fund more than my government, it's completely unpatriotic," says Kravchenko. "But it's what I think. The Global Fund can, and the government must. How long can we rely on international resources when it's really time to stand on our own feet?"