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The U.S. government provides the largest portion of financial aid, although a significant percentage is in the form of loans. There are four grants that the federal government offers. While these grants are not specific to mothers wanting to go to college, they are the easiest to apply for. In order to take advantage of federal aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. The form is available at your college’s admissions office or by .

How My Hard-Working Mother Taught Me The Value Of Being Independent

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Across the U.S., mothers are finding it difficult to attend college or restart an interrupted college career. This is especially true for single moms, who most often struggle to make ends meet and must work one, sometimes two jobs to support the family. The difficulty may be in finding the time, the money, or the confidence to enroll in college courses. And in today’s current economic struggles, keeping a job becomes more important than a college degree.

As a mother, you work hard 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support your family emotionally

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As a mother, you work hard 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support your family emotionally. According to Census and Bureau of Labor 2009 statistics, over 5 million mothers are stay-at-home moms. If you are part of the 71 percent of working mothers, you also provide financial support. For an increasing number of mothers, obtaining a college degree is a way to better their financial situation.

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Once you have completed and submitted your application, all you have left to do is wait for the verdict. Keep in mind that you are competing with other savvy college students who have also done their homework. But motherhood has taught you to persevere, and with a little help you can shine through the crowd. You may not win the grant the first time, but that does not mean you can’t apply the next time. Don’t give up or get discouraged if you start to feel overwhelmed. Continue to work for that degree so that new opportunities will open up to improve your family’s financial stability.

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Previous research has also found some social adjustment differences between children with employed andnonemployed mothers, but with less consistency. Daughters of employed mothers have been found to be moreindependent, particularly in interaction with their peers in a school setting, and to score higher on socioemotionaladjustment measures. Results for sons have been quite mixed and vary with social class and with how old the childrenwere when they were tested. One finding from the 1970's was that in the blue-collar class, sons of employed mothers didwell academically but there was a strain in the father-son relationship. This was interpreted as reflecting the moretraditional gender-role attitudes in the blue collar class. The mother's employment was seen as a sign that the father wasan inadequate bread-winner, and if the fathers helped out with housework and child care, they resented it. We did not findthis at all and it may reflect the change over the years in gender-role attitudes in the working-class -- the less stereotypeviews becoming more pervasive across class.

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Hey I am a mother of two kids and have a full time job while still trying to attend college full time. I have exhausted my grant according to the financial aid office and just simply can not afford it on my own. I have just enough to pay for my bills and feed my kids. I don’t know what to do. I am almost finished with the community college so I can transfer to the university in spring of 2013. I just have no money for classes or books for that matter not to mention I live 45 mins away from my college. Please someone help me. I don’t want to quit.