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The argon ion laser is a predecessor to previously invented lasers. However, it has surpassed these in terms of application and relevance in the industry. Just as its name implies, the device utilizes high purity argon gas as the medium for laser production. The use of a multiple line argon ion laser can lead to the production of close to eighteen discrete laser wavelengths that come in the ranges of ultraviolet (275.4nm) to the visible green (528.7nm) in the color spectrum. Optimal power is often generated at the 488nm and 514.5nm lines.

The most common green lasers use diode pumped solid state technology to create the green light

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The argon ion laser can be operated as a continuous gas laser at about 25 different wavelengths in the visible between 408.9 and 686.1nm, but is best known for its most efficient transitions in the green at 488 nm and 514.5 nm. Operating at much higher powers than the gas laser, it is not uncommon to achieve 30 to 100 watts of continuous power using several transitions. This output is produced in a hot plasma and takes extremely high power, typically 9 to 12 kW, so these are large and expensive devices.

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