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The Voice of Florence Nightingale on Advocacy

Florence Nightingale, 1888In the nearly 130 years since about the importance of objects of variety and colour in recovery, projects like ours have created places to put the observation into practice.

Helen Ferguson, at the start of the Florence Nightingale cylinder, says:

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In August 1910, Florence Nightingale fell ill, but seemed to recover and was reportedly in good spirits. A week later, on the evening of Friday, August 12, 1910, she developed an array of troubling symptoms. She died unexpectedly at around 2 p.m. the following day, Saturday, August 13, at her home in London.

“At Florence Nightingale’s house, London, July the thirtieth, eighteen-hundred-and-ninety.”

Florence's father was William Edward Nightingale (having changed his original surname, "Shore"), a wealthy landowner who would be associated with two estates—one at Lea Hurst, Derbyshire, and the other at Embly, Hampshire. Florence was provided with a classical education, including studies in mathematics along with German, French and Italian.

Indeed, Florence Nightingale gave Colonel Gouraud a print of Lady Butler’s “The Return” to sell for the cause.

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Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820, in Florence, Italy, the city which inspired her name. The younger of two daughters, Nightingale was part of an affluent British clan that belonged to elite social circles. Her mother, Frances Nightingale, hailed from a family of merchants and took pride in socializing with people of prominent standing. Despite her mother's interests, Florence herself was reportedly awkward in social situations and preferred to avoid being the center of attention whenever possible. Strong-willed, she often butted heads with her mother, whom she viewed as overly controlling.

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Florence Nightingale's legacy is extensive. Her work inspired the foundation of the Red Cross Movement. International Nurses Day is celebrated each year on her birthday, May 12. Countless medical organizations, hospitals, and awards bear her name. Statues of her are in many prominent places. An Italian medical school has named its wireless computer system "Bedside Florence."

We write this editorial for her honor

, which sits at the site of the original Nightingale Training School for Nurses, houses more than 2,000 artifacts commemorating the life and career of the "Angel of the Crimea." To this day, Florence Nightingale is broadly acknowledged and revered as the pioneer of modern nursing.

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Colonel Gouraud’s Edison Phonograph Company went through various iterations and wound up Edison Bell Ltd., J.E. Hough owner. The market for cylinders was dying, replaced by phonograph records, and by the early 1930s it went bankrupt. Its assets, including the historic 1890 Light Brigade cylinders, were purchased by Howard Flynn. Flynn actually tried to sell a record of the Florence Nightingale recording with all royalties going to the Red Cross and other hospital charities, but it was a flop. In 1935, he donated the Nightingale cylinder to the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum. It was transferred to the Wellcome Trust Library where it remained unnoticed until 2004 when Dr. Michael Clark dug it up and brought it to the for restoration.

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Mary Helen Ferguson is saying, in introducing Florence Nightingale, “At Florence Nightingale’s house, Kensington, July the 30th, eighteen hundred and ninety.”