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I didn’t devote much time for Listening probably because i gave two practice tests when started preparing for it and got about 39 out of 40 correct. I messed up the listening during the exam where in i missed out a couple of questions and got tensed, somehow i regained some composure to get back on track. I must say it’s easier to say ” stay calm and focus on the next question” but in the moment you actually mess up.

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My first attempt was in August 2017 (Manchester) – unfortunately I only managed to score an overall of 6 band score in spite of 4 weeks of preparation.
For the 2nd attempt i had less than 3 weeks to study – I kept practicing using previous and new mock questions, watching your YouTube videos and at the same time Try to Identify my weaknesses.
After the exam ended this time I was worried and concerned that I will not achieved the desired band score as I find that the question was harder compared to the last exam and there were moments that I lost my concentration especially during the listening and reading session as I did not slept well the night before
Things that I learned:
Keep practicing
Identify your weak areas – try to improve it
Manage your time wisely
Get enough sleep
Try and try again

Festivals have always played a significant role in the life of the people of Bangladesh. Those are parts and parcels of Bangalee culture and tradition.

Bangalees protected Bangla from the clutches of Pakistani oppressors in 1952 by preventing Urdu from being the state language of East Pakistan where a vast majority of people spoke in Bangla.

Sinhala. Her civilization is vast and varied. It is one of the most auspicious days essay on festivals of bangladesh for …

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Hi Liz,
Listening 8.5
Reading 7
Writing: 7.5
Speaking 8
Thanks soo much for your lessons. I purchased your writing lessons and I must say they were very helpful indeed. My overall score band score was 8.0
I had a little difficulty with my reading with respect to time management. Spent too much time on the first reading it affected the others as I had to rush through the remaining. And of course in a state of panick even if the questions are easy, it becomes difficult to concentrate and answer correctly. I hope all will take the issue of time management very seriously. All the same, i got a great deal of information, tips and confidence from your website. Thank you.

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Hi, Liz!
I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. I took IELTS Academic on October 28th.
When I first took a peek at the test I was really shocked by how time plays an important factor in it. I had about 10 days to prepare for the exam, and dedicated most of my time to the writing tasks. I managed to get an Overall Band of 8.5 (speaking 8.5 / writing 8 / listening 8 / reading 8.5).
I just cannot stress how important all your tips were for my overall preparation. I relied 100% on them. Thank you very much.

There are many different festivals and also ..

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I would’ve thought IELTS would be a breeze, for myself, but having sat for the General Training IELTS in 2012, and scored an overall banding of just 7.0, I know how difficult the Academic IELTS would be. I practiced a lot, but still lack the grasp on basic principles of 2 tasks, Reading and Writing. Then my spouse referred your link to me, and it really help put things into perspective about what each part is about. Your videos are VERY HELPFUL, even though I didn’t manage any 9.0’s, I’m very grateful for the guidance you gave. Especially difficult was the Academic Reading test, too many pages, too little time, and the results shows, BUT on the Writing test, you really help put things in perspective. When I practiced Writing test, short essay, I ended up with 300 words (for the 150 word task), as my attempt turned out to be an editorial with opinions and conclusions. After watching your coaching, it was much clearer what needs to be delivered, definitely not fancy language.