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Nine million tourists visited 87 countries just to go whale watching (WNF, 2012).

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Largely because their ancestors killed off all the Western Hemisphere’s large animals , the New World’s natives had few . The llama of South America was the New World's largest domesticated animal. Parrots, turkeys, ducks, guinea pigs, and a small dog that the Aztecs raised for food were about the New World’s only other domesticated animals. There were no domestic herds of cattle, horses, goats, sheep, or pigs for the Spaniards to slaughter. The natives were largely vegetarian, especially those not living near the oceans (which lead to cases of cannibalism, maybe even as a regular practice, but that was not in evidence in the seafood rich Caribbean). The Spaniards took herds of European pigs with them as a cafeteria on the hoof, as Hernando de Soto did in southeastern North America. Those were exceptions, not the rule. When the Spaniards invaded and plundered the native peoples, the most available dog food was human flesh. Those dogs had been trained to kill human beings, and there were already instances in Europe of feeding the enemy to the dogs of war.

This grim history remains largely unvisited by present-day followers of Tibetan Buddhism in the West.

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The Pinta eventually rejoined the Niña, with its captain’s gold quest profitably concluded. The captain claimed that he was innocently separated from the other ships, which may have been true. Columbus felt that the explanation was a lie, but could do nothing about it, so he did not punish the Pinta’s captain. On January 16, 1493, the ships were sailing back across the Atlantic, soon after they murdered two natives while trading on January 13th. Columbus described those murdered natives and their people as “evil, and I believe they are from the island of Caribe, and that they eat men.” That characterized the attitude that prevailed during the second voyage and beyond. If the natives were friendly and welcoming, they were the gentle Taino. If they were less than welcoming or were unfortunate enough to be murdered by the Spaniards, they were cannibalistic savages that deserved whatever fate that the Spaniards inflicted on them.

n 1974, Thomas Nagel famously took a stab at one of the great riddles of the universe: To some scientists and philosophers, he noted, this is an unanswerable question; it is not like to be a bat because (they believe) the bat does not have enough awareness to subjectively experience itself. Nagel, taking for granted that bats have some kind of experience, also determined that the question is unanswerable because however well we imagine what it would be like for to live as bats, the bat is so biologically foreign that its experience is beyond our mental grasp.

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Gathered By Garret Mathews
"Folks Are Talking" is a double CD that includes 28 oral histories of folks Garret Mathews interviewed as a young feature writer on the Bluefield, W. Va., Daily Telegraph between 1974 and 1979. The mountainous circulation area includes Mercer, McDowell, Wyoming, Monroe and Raleigh counties in West Virginia and Tazewell, Buchanan, Bland, Wythe, Russell and Giles counties in Virginia. It’s rural America. No community in the two-state area has more than 20,000 residents. Some places visited for this collection – Bandy, Rhodell, Jenkinjon. [Note from webmaster: This is a fascinating history of the area around Coalwood in the 1970s. If this were a movie, I would rate it PG due to the content of a few of the stories. You may order the CDs online at . ]

and I visited his exhibition in the Halcyon Gallery on New Bond ..

Immediately after Columbus finished making his announcement (to the empty air) of taking possession, the natives began arriving on the beach. They were all naked and friendly, and Columbus described those new Spanish subjects at some length. Some natives carried short wooden spears, but were so unacquainted with weaponry that when Columbus showed a native his sword, the man grabbed the sword by the blade and cut himself.

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The Christian physician Ibn Butlan wrote an Arabic medical guide for monks residing in an isolated monastery which could also be of use to anyone away from urban medical care. The treatise had the long title On the Management of Diseases for the Most Part Through Common Foodstuffs and Medicine Specified for the Use of Monks of the Cloister and Whoever is Far from the City. Ibn Butlan, originally from Baghdad, visited Old Cairo about 1049 (441 H), after which he went to Constantinople before settling at Antioch in Syria and becoming a monk.

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For the freeborn, if it is a cow, the “allomothers” who welcomed her into the world will be with her for life — a matriarchal clan led by the oldest and biggest. She in turn will be an enthusiastic caretaker and playmate to her younger cousins and siblings. When she is twelve or fourteen, she will go into heat (“estrus”) for the first time, a bewildering occurrence during which her mother will stand by and show her what to do and which male to accept. If she conceives, she will have a calf twenty-two months later, crucially aided in birthing and raising it by the more experienced older ladies. She may have another every four to five years into her fifties or sixties, but not all will survive.