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Today, environmental ethics is a widely discussed topic.

This is an environmental ethics issue.

Complex and contentious areas of business ethics would include the effect a petrochemical company's actions have on the environment or the obligation of a pharmaceutical company to make its drugs available to developing countries....

These are some of the ethical environmental issues that need to be addressed.

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In the field of environmental ethics, there has been significant scholarship in developing a duty ethics based on the inherent value of nature, most notably by Paul Taylor.

In this paper, I will approach the topic of environmental ethics from several related sides....

Environmental ethics in this case refers to part of environmental philosophy which concerns the relationship between humans and the natural environment. Environmental ethics has been advocated and used globally with the intention of conserving natural resources. According to Singer (2000), environmental ethics began in April 1970 when the first earth day was held and ever since, organizers and other environmental movements rallied and advocated for the awareness of environmental responsibility. Even today, environment day is celebrated annually on the same month of April, as a sign to create awareness and conservation of nature. Environmental ethics as a philosophy was developed in the 1970s due to the increased innovation and effects of industries, technology and economic expansion. Globalization and modernization led to the need for industries to increase production of goods thus, increase profits and serve a wider range of market. This led to increased usage of natural resources and depletion of land and tree (Stone, 1972).

research papers discuss the science between the relationship of organisms and the environment.

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Due to lack of environmental ethics many issues have risen some which begun long time ago, while others are currently happening and others will occur in future. Current environmental issues are caused by the actions of present human beings and can be tackled in many forms. Global warming is the greatest threat to living creatures since it signifies the increase in atmospheric temperature near earth’s surface. This is mainly caused by rise in carbon dioxide which worsens the status of the atmosphere’s heat. The earth’s heat is trapped in the atmosphere where it accumulates and cannot penetrate the ozone layer a process known as greenhouse effect (Brown, 2001). The increased temperature in the atmosphere is the cause of change in climate causing undesirable and unexpected outcomes. This effect makes survival of living of plants and animals difficult and without any other alternative but to die. Another effect is the change in rainfall patterns which causes some seasons to be drier than others and some to be more wet causing floods which destroy buildings and cause earthquakes. The ozone layer gets gradually depleted due to the Chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs which are used by many firms in form of aerosol sprays and air conditioners. The ozone layer is among the many layers in the stratosphere. When these CFCs are used and mixed with the air, they accumulate and substitute the ozone layer leading to its depletion. Humans, animals and plants are affected by the depletion of the ozone in that the ozone layer is used to prevent the ultra-violet or UV rays from coming into direct contact with them (Ferre & Hartel, 1994).

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The idea that civilization is the last, best way to live, and other related beliefs, are what made our version of civilization spread so fast and far. Unfortunately, it is these same ideas that will ultimately destroy us unless we change them. Problems like pollution and overpopulation are the results of the mistaken ideas our social organization is based on, and not the fault of human nature itself. Humans are no more defective than eagles or daisies are.

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Environment is the physical surrounding that we come across each and every time. With time, it has been abused and polluted such that it causes risk to health and living organisms where plants and humans are inclusive (Mackie, 1990). This has led to the formation of movements and philosophers who advocate for the protection of environment by laying out and teaching ethics to the general public. Ethics is a moral philosophy that guides human beings in differentiating between what is right and wrong, good and evil, virtue and vice, and justice. Ethics mostly deal with human desires and needs with the aim of achieving happiness and a conducive environment (Ferre& Hartel, 1994).