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In my , I speak of as “the attitude of awareness that all people make sense before they open their mouths to tell you about it” I also share that PreValidation is any action that displays this awareness. This skill is the first concrete and visible sign that displays empathy. To means to be congruent or consistent with the internal factors that lead a person to act or react in the way that they do. (It does not have anything to do with agreeing.) I think it is easy to see that all people are congruent with themselves, and that they are never exactly congruent with anyone else, since they never share all the same internal factors. Humans, and for that matter animals, I believe, are little “sense making creatures.” They always make sense, based on how they currently experience existence.

Empathy is something that stood out to me the most because of my forensic psychology class.

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Generally, I believe that empathy and non-empathy are most visible in communication styles. Any communication that cuts us off from being aware of how different others are seems visibly non-empathic. Arguing is the prime example, though the habit of interrupting comes in a close second. Political correctness, “don’t say anything that might upset someone,” and verbal pushiness seem a complete waste of time

For me the technical name for non-empathic behavior is , and our culture seems full of it.

The bottom line for me is the following: all people never see anything the same way. , and. Since all this seems true to me, then what people are doing at any moment is “ These phrases seem to capture the central principles of Empathy. An empathic person applies these principles both to others and to themselves.

Skills of Empathy lead easily to the following. (just thought you might like to know.)

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The issue of blaming is resolved by discussing and developing some .
An empathic person personally and comfortably assumes responsibility for their own actions, their own reactions, their own feelings. An empathic person assumes no responsibility for another person’s actions or reactions, but is available to assist others with their problems. And they competently know the difference between their areas of responsibility and that of others.

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A non-empathic person will tend to try of punish someone who is acting rebelliously. They will not notice the breath of fresh air that the rebelling person is trying to bring into some sort of tyrannical relationship or situation. They will just see the chaos of disobedience.

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An empathic person will respond by recognizing and respecting the other’s need to be heard. Perhaps they will , use a and schedule a time for listening. They will also respectfully protect themselves, using , from the obnoxious parts of the message.

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Generally I define an argument as two bullies trying to out-bully each other. () But a more empathic way is to see this as two people who really want someone to hear and respect their point of view. Now, they often come across pretty demanding and perhaps obnoxiously. But I have found that beneath that “crude” and “crusty” behavior, they just want to be heard.

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Empathic people will not focus on the rules, theirs or other people’s. Rather they will focus on co-creating order, a sense of freedom from chaos, and safety, for everyone. My wife relaxes when our house is clean or while cleaning the house. When she is tense, I sometimes offer to clean house with her.