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Listen to Consortium member interview some of the thought leaders in emotional intelligence.

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Click to listen to an interview with co-chair of the EI Consortium. Dr. Cherniss discusses the issue of emotional intelligence and workplace burnout.

- Emotions in social relationships research papers cover social goals and social emotions.

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III. Current Literature (10x)
a. What is emotional intelligence?
i. Its importance on a global and health aspect
b. Assess the current validity of emotional intelligence
i. Discuss human abilities – reason, thought, etc.
c. Measurement tools
i. What currently exists for measuring emotional intelligence?
ii. What’s missing and how it could be bettered
iii. Relevance in measurement – benefits
d. Health care
i. Administration towards competency
ii. Emotional intelligence in management skills
iii. The interpersonal skills involved and how training is carried out
e. What we know now about the role of emotional intelligence
i. Leadership – ‘feelings’ playing a central role in leadership process
ii. How are these SUSTAINED?
iii. Are the traits common across leaders, managers, supervisors, etc.
iv. Awareness and teaching
1. How can it be replicated?
2. Innate or taught?

Emotional and Social Intelligence Competencies: Cross Cultural Implications

Barsade, S. (1998). The ripple effect: Emotional contagion in groups (Working paper ). New Haven, CT: Yale University School of Management.

Goleman, D. (1998). Working with emotional intelligence. New York: Bantam.

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Workers with high EQ are better able to work in teams, adjust to change and be flexible. No matter how many degrees or other on-paper qualifications a person has, if he or she doesn’t have certain emotional qualities, he or she is unlikely to succeed. As the workplace continues to evolve, making room for new technologies and innovations, these qualities may become increasingly important.

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In his books, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More than IQ and Working With Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman presents five categories of emotional intelligence. To hire candidates who will thrive in your workplace, look for those who have a handle on these five pillars.

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According to emotional intelligence, or EQ, success is strongly influenced by personal qualities such as perseverance, self-control and skill in getting along with others. Much has been written about how to improve employees’ EQ, but hiring managers are likely to make better hiring decisions when they look for people who already possess high EQ scores.

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Just as it’s important to seek new hires with emotional intelligence, it’s vital for managers and other business leaders to operate in emotionally intelligent ways to meet the needs of today’s workers.

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Emotional intelligence research papers can be written about the concept of emotional intelligence as a critical factor for future success. For example, emotional intelligence can predict whether one will be an effective leader or have the ability creative outlets.