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However, paper is not the only object discovered for its ability to demeanor electricity.

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The demand for electricity in South Africa is increasing and it is exceeding electricity supply, research has shown that households contribute 15% to the countries total electricity consumption [1].

By way of background, it is important to state what electricity actually means....

Essay On Electricity In Service Of Man

In the 1600’s William Gilbert an English Physician studied electricity and magnetism; studies were continued by other researchers such as Robert Boyle and Benjamin Franklin.

Here we give you some of the most notable names in the history of how electricity was harnessed.

It is important to understand that even though this initial assessment shows prominent potential, many factors such as electrical transmission, economic viability, environmental concerns and socio-economic considerations impose limits to these resources that can greatly alter the advancement of this resource....

Being from Bangladesh, I can understand the importance of electricity better than people from most other countries.