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Solutions are like people, each one is complex as well as different. Most every part time environmentalist can have a solution to any environmental problem that ails this planet. That is not to say that they are always right. Conversely, they are not always wrong either. Having the solution is the first part, making the solution a reality is the second.

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Almost none of us became “,” but we also knew that vastly more was happening on the global level than was publicly disclosed, and that the wildest conspiracy theories were sometimes close to the truth. We all understood that ultra-elites controlled the world economy and . That organization did not have a name that we knew of. I have called them the , while others have used different monikers. As this essay will later discuss, that ultra-elite organization presents potentially fatal problems for anybody trying to develop free FE and antigravity technologies for public use. I also discovered that the public is its own worst enemy, and helped me develop my current strategy.

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I eventually carried Brian's spears, and they were fortunately much lighter than Dennis’s. In 2001, as we were when trying to interest California's governor in alternative energy as , which caused the governor to lose his job, Brian told me how his ride as Paul Revere went: he , as all that he received were . I sadly understood his query. It was a fair question, and forms the crux of the . During that same conversation, when I , his response was nearly, “So, what else is new?” Few fellow travelers played near our level (not many survive for long in those environments), but when we encountered them and traded notes, they all described similar terrain. Everybody that I most respected in the FE and related milieus began their journeys as , not rebels or opportunists.

Opposing free trade, at least on economic grounds, is a bit harder-unless you are an environmentalist.

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Recent environmental studies show that disturbed ecosystems can have cascading failures, as the removal of one part of a food chain can in , and entire ecosystems can go extinct. Cascades in today's world usually begin when the apex predator is removed (by humans, and called a ), but not always. Those cascading events can happen in aquatic and environments. Food chains are essentially energy chains , and the more complex they are, the more energy is required to sustain them. The leading hypothesis for why is also an energy-scarcity dynamic. Also, the most compelling findings that I have encountered regarding degenerative disease in humans shows that if individual cells no longer have their nutritional needs met by the organism, they stop acting out their role as specialized cells and “.” It may be difficult-to-impossible for scientists to reconstruct and test cascading failure hypotheses in ancient mass extinction events, but they may have played a major role in them, if not the dominant role.

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An important evolutionary principle is organisms' developing a new feature for one purpose and then using that feature for other purposes as the opportunity arose. As complex life evolved in the newly oxygenated seafloors, several immediate survival needs had to be addressed. To revisit the , if an oxygen-dependent animal did not have access to oxygen, it meant immediate death. Obtaining oxygen would have been the salient requirement for early complex life that adopted aerobic respiration , which is how nearly all animals today respire. While animals in low-oxygen environments have adapted to other ways of respiring (or perhaps in the first place), they are all sluggish creatures and would have quickly lost in the coming arms race. , which is a critical connective tissue in animals, requires oxygen for its synthesis, and was one of numerous oxygen-dependencies that animals quickly adopted during the Cambrian Explosion.

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Since the most dramatic instances of speciation seem to have happened in the aftermath of mass extinctions, this essay will survey extinction first. A corollary to is that if any critical nutrient falls low enough, the nutrient deficiency will not only limit growth, but the organism will be stressed. If the nutrient level falls far enough, the organism will die. A human can generally survive between one and two months without food, ten days without water, and about three minutes without oxygen. For nearly all animals, all the food and water in the world are meaningless without oxygen. Some microbes can switch between aerobic respiration and fermentation, depending on the environment (which might be a very old talent), but complex life generally does not have that ability; nearly all aerobic complex life is oxygen dependent. The only exceptions are marine life which has adapted to . Birds can go where mammals cannot, , for instance, or being , due to their . If oxygen levels rise or fall very fast, many organisms will not be able to adapt, and will die.