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The essay “books a dying art?” falls in to formal category the author uses third person pronoun.

Essay "On the Decay of the Art of Lying," by Mark Twain

Those who viewed my performance with a favourable eye were of opinion, that I should dedicate this essay to some patron of the arts; or apply for his Majesty's royal letters patent, in order to reimburse the expense necessarily incurred in this investigation, an expense so disproportionate to the fortune which supported it, that nothing but a certain fatality and the hope of reward, could induce me to persevere.

In conclusion, the meaning of the essay is books are not dying, Proulx’s essay is from and rhetorical devices or style.

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Tie-dying has been used in many islands of the archipelago: Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi and parts of Kalimantan on a range of textiles, from coarse cottons to fine Chinese Shantung silk.

The essay reflects on books are still part of life it can’t die; technology will not take over the books.

A Hydrogen, or the base of inflammable air, seems to act an important part in the following experiments, and is, according to some chymists, pure phlogiston itself; I have therefore assigned the first chapter in this essay to hydrogen gas, this being the most simple form, in which hydrogen has hitherto been obtained.

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ANTIQUE INDONESIAN TEXTILES (TIE-DYED LAWON AND PELANGI)Creating patterns on cloth by tie-dying is one of the oldest and most basic of the textile arts.

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Notwithstanding this further success, I was dubious about the propriety of publishing this essay; I therefore shewed some specimens of these metallic stuffs to persons, whom I thought qualified to judge of them; some approved of them very much, and were pleased to say, that the invention would make an era in the arts; others thought it a pretty conceit; and others were of opinion that the stuffs had not that splendour or burnished appearance, which could entitle them to public notice.

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Bits of charcoal were suspended in the same manner in most of the metallic solutions treated of in this essay: no change was perceived on those immersed in solutions of arsenic, manganese, and fused nitrate of silver in water: but a bit immersed in a solution of the same nitrate in alcohol, had parts of it covered with bright sparkling particles, which seemed to vegetate from the charcoal, and were evidently reduced silver: for they were not soluble in water, on the surface of which the bit of charcoal deposited some small spangles of great lustre. The bits immersed in solutions of sulphate of iron and zinc exhibited some very faint signs of reduction.

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Let me share some fun stationery with you. I hope I can inspire you to keep the dying art of writing alive as well as some ideas on how you can ensure people still know how to write with pen and paper in the future!

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This circumstance, in which all the experiments on metallic reduction detailed in this essay exactly coincide, merits particular attention, and shews that the manner, in which combustible bodies effect the reduction, is the same in them all.