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In the Dubai shopping summer festival, one of the major attractions is the global village

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First of all, Dubai is neither a country nor a city per ser; it is a state among seven other states comprising the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is characterized by a culture that is metropolitan in nature especially of late with the influx of foreigners. In addition to the immigration, there are millions of tourists every year landing or docking into the country. The result is a culture that is global in trend. Islam is the official religion though there is an element of diversity created by the presence of Hinduism, Christianity and Sikhism. The common and official language is Arabic though there are many foreign languages taught in schools. Almost everyone can speak the English language in a city that is comprised of 15 percent natives (Lindsay 2008). A remarkable feat by the Dubai natives is the preservation of their culture despite the modernity that interacts with the city. This can be attributed to the religious believes whereby all activities of the day-to-day life is influenced by the Islamic religion. Despite this, the culture is known for its liberality in that the residents are free to practice their religion. In certain festivals of the year as will be discussed these cultures come together to celebrate the cosmopolitan society.

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How does tax free shopping sound? Definitely exiting and a place most would dream to be. In addition, the prices are discounted deeply and there are daily car raffles coupled with spectacular firework displays at night. All these describe the summer shopping festival of Dubai, an event that attracts about 3 million people per year (Lindsay 2008). It consists of many if not all the tourists an attraction in Dubai converging with the one aim of luring expatiates with potential intellect and investment power into the county. In the Dubai shopping summer festival, one of the major attractions is the global village. It acts sort of like a trade fare only that there different nationalities representing their countries in trading their countries designs and wears. The global village showcases the different designs and wears from diverse traditional and cultural backgrounds. In these shopping festivals, outlets amounting to over 2500 including the big and famous hotels like the Burj-Al-Arab, the national carriers and airlines take part in reducing prices.

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Your task is to create a speech showcasing your personal interest in the upcoming Dubai Literature Festival. Your audience is a group of students who have expressed interest in attending the Literature Festival.
The student: makes sophisticated use of organizational structures that serve the context and intention effectively, effectively organizes opinions and ideas in a sustained, coherent and logical manner with ideas building on each other in a sophisticated way, makes excellent use of referencing and formatting tools to create an effective presentation style.
The student: produces texts that demonstrate a high degree of personal engagement with the creative process; demonstrates a high degree of insight, imagination and sensitivity and perceptive exploration of, and critical reflection on, new perspectives and ideas, makes perceptive stylistic choices in terms of linguistic, literary and visual devices, demonstrating good awareness of impact on an audience, selects extensive relevant details and examples to develop ideas with precision.

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Bridging cultures and meeting minds is the theme of the Dubai international film festival. The film festival offers many nice picks that reflect the multi-variant and rich culture of the Dubai inhabitants and the international community at large caught on film. It comes as a surprise to many that such a remarkable feat as this is tax-free and non-profit making in nature. The festival offers a platform for a selection of films from all over the world to interact with the affluent Dubai culture. Film and documentary makers from the entire world are welcomed to make submissions and an emphasis is made on the while selecting on the movies that attempt to break the virtual wall between the west and the east. For those intrigued by the Arabian films, there are varieties to choose from for there is a special Arabian night during the festival.