Drunk driving is a problem today in the United States.

It is thought that drunk drivers have a long history of doing this and many prior arrests.

Drunk driving is such a hard thing to overcome though.

According to “Drunk Driving Accident Statistics”, “Three in every ten Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related crash at some point in their lives” (5).

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If it was illegal to drink there would be less drunk drivers.

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Many people question whether drunk drivers should be imprisoned on the first offense.

Despite the fact that both sides showcase decent evidence, only one brings hard-hitting facts that truly make a difference: the legal drinking age should not be lowered because it helps prevents youths from driving drunk, it helps prevent youths from committing violent crimes, and it helps prevent incomplete develop of the brain....

Drunk driving is especially dangerous to young people, who seem to be more involved than others.

Drunk driving was defined as a problem located within individuals.

An offender’s driver’s license should be automatically suspended or revoked after a drunk driving conviction and subsequently do away with the possibility of an implied consent hearing....

Drunk driving is illegal in every state....

Currently, in every state, the minimum punishment for convicted drunk drivers involves the automatic loss of their licenses for a period of time determined by the state (Xavier).

Hanson, a drunken driving activist.

Drunk driving has been a problem in the United States since the introduction of automobiles; however, it did not become an important social issue until the 1980’s.

Drunk Driving Essay - The Saturday night party was the place to be.

Teenage drunk driving accidents not only affect the person drinking while driving, but it also can kill or harm others (Alcohol problems and solutions....

Drunk driving Essay - Paper Topics

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and educated people will not make the decision to drive drunk

When a drunken individual is involved in driving, he or she is unable to see distant objects. In addition, double and blurred visions are usually associated with the consumption of alcohol. Impaired judgment also becomes a factor as an individual is unable to determine the events in his or her surroundings and specifically when on the road. Overconfidence is also an issue, which results from the consumption of alcohol prompting people to undertake greater risks, which could prove as devastating to the health and life of an individual as well as those in the surroundings.

Argumentative Essay on Drinking and Driving

According to the most recent statistics by the National Commission Against Drunk Driving is that 17, 000 Americans die each year in alcohol-related traffic crashes and 600,000 Americans are injured....