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Growth enables human development that includes non-income dimensions such as education, health, gender equality and freedom of expression, which are essential for human well-being. Compared to developed nations, India is much more vulnerable to the effects of climate change due to their low capacity to adapt and their disproportionate dependency on natural resources for welfare. At first glance, it looks like whichever path India chooses it will not be able to attain over all development goals taken-up in our India’s 11th five year plan (2008 – 2013). The resource-intensive model of growth of the past fails not only because of the lack of cheap raw materials, but also because of the earth’s limited capacity to absorb carbon emissions and waste. Since environmental degradation will harm human productivity and welfare, the traditional economic growth pattern cannot be sustainable, and will eventually be self-defeating.

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We can argue that the main direct contributions of environmental protection, understood as natural capital, to development and green (economic) growth is through increased inputs of natural resources which lead to a greater economic return. Contrary to conventional intuition, economic growth and environmental conservation are not necessarily conflicting goals, and can even be seen as complementary aims. Green growth aiming to achieve a harmony between economic growth and environmental sustainability is just what the world needs to obtain long-term and all rounded human development. The ever-worsening environmental crisis has sent out a serious alert to the Indian communities as to the urgency of embarking on the green growth development path.

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