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in sharp contrast to its neighbours Nepal.    Is Democracy the Best Form of Government?

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This essay will look at what democracy is and how it can be placed in a Chinese context as well as looking at the proponents and opponents of democracy in China....

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The role of monarchy is another significant issue. No one can doubt the power and influence of the monarchy over the Nepali people. However, history shows that democracy and the role of monarchy in Nepal have become contradictory and hostile to each other. Now, on the question of rationale of the monarchy the disagreement persists among the masses, which must be addressed properly. Similarly, democratization of Nepalese Army is another important task to be tackled. Apart from this, to decide mode of devolution and demobilisation and decommissioning of the Maoist cadre and reintegration of the politically trained Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) with the national army will be most challenging aspect of democracy in Nepal.

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Though, interim parliament is certainly a good beginning, strengthening of democracy depends on the sufficient flexibility and willingness of leaders to work together. The civil society groups, political parties and media have a significant role to play in making certain sense of democratic values and behaviour amongst all citizens. If the forces of the country want democracy, they have to become active to create a national consensus showing probity, flexibility and learning from the past weaknesses and avoiding blame and counter blame. There is a need to address the root causes of crises and to develop confidence. Hopefully, the future of democracy in Nepal depends on how the Maoists work on ground.

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