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In many parts of the world, the use of charcoal has been blamed for deforestation.

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In addition to environmental impacts, deforestation as an income-generating activity also causes internal dispute and conflict within the society.

Lack of government in Somalia could therefore be seen as the major cause of the ongoing deforestation.

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Although public awareness of the impact of the deforestation in Somalia has increased in recent years through media, it has not slowed the alarming rate of deforestation appreciably.

Deforestation in the drier parts of Africa has led to an even worse problem - desertification and the loss of thousands of species.

These recurrent drought and severe floods affect the lives of the people and their animals without prediction and prevention.

Human-induced environmental abuses include: water pollution contributing to human health problems; alarming deforestation and overgrazing resulting desertification and soil erosion; salinisation by inefficient irrigation destroying valuable productive land; illegal fishing and industrial toxic waste dumping in the sea and coastline areas by outsiders; improper disposal of human and solid waste by local people affecting the public health; hunting and extinction of wildlife; and degradation of coastal zones.

According to this definition, if clearance does not take place then deforestation does not occur [14]

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The trees provide vital regulating ecosystem services, including stabilizing microclimate, soil structure, and atmospheric composition. The fast removal of plants from forest areas destroys forest ecosystems that can’t regenerate naturally. Deforestation is a serious concern in many countries, so the topic itself is popular for college essay assignments. Some sample impressive deforestation essay topics include the following:

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Deforestation is the product of the interaction of many environmental, social, political, economic and cultural forces at work in any given region.

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After the state collapse in 1991, the result became the creation of 'ownerless' land with open-access to anyone's exploitation which accelerated, among other abuses, the rate of deforestation.

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Today, the most notable environmental problems in the world include global warming leading to climate change, water pollution contributing to human health problems, deforestation resulting desertification, destruction of species, ozone depletion, increasing urban and industrial wastes, etc.

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Deforestation will have major adverse impacts on rainfall availability, capacity of the soil to hold water, local climate, and habitat for animal species and bio-diversity.

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Since the state collapse in 1991, country's environmental degradation has accelerated, especially the rate of deforestation has steadily accelerated while toxic waste dumping became newly established business.